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The technology boom of the late 20th century created a worldwide transition for consumers. Computers, cell phones, video games — all of these started as groundbreaking ideas that quickly turned into necessities. But the evolution of tech has left an abundance of outdated equipment in its wake. New innovations quickly become obscure and replaced.

Technological advancements are remarkable and have changed the way people interact globally. The most important part of the transition, however, is not having the latest upgrade, but understanding how to properly recycle the electronic graveyards that have accumulated in the homes and businesses of millions.

In countless technologies including servers, smart phones, hybrid cars, and flat-screen TVs, a number of rare, energy-critical elements are used to help supply the hearts of today’s electronics. Most important of these are Yttrium, Neodymium, Europium, Terbium, and Dysprosium. The problem with using these rare minerals for production of electronics is that they are in short supply. There are only eight reserves in the entire world where we can acquire these elements, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

Considering the amount of discarded electronics people have in their personal possessions, imagine the amount of recyclable materials being hoarded in businesses and data centers. To keep irrelevant and unused equipment sitting around collecting dust is counterproductive, not to mention bad for the environment, and those devices could be worth money on the secondary market. However, the main concern when it comes to recycling devices is the threat of personal or confidential data being compromised.

IT Asset Disposition Services from CentricsIT offer a secure, efficient way to recycle unused assets and achieve maximum return in the data center. Our IT recycling practices meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, and our data center expertise translates directly to our processes, which are among the most efficient in the industry. Customers are given the highest possible return on IT investments, and hard disks are certifiably sanitized or destroyed ensuring that valuable data is completely irretrievable.

Once equipment is given to ITAD for disposition, engineers perform an audit and thorough inspection, providing a detailed report to the customer. Consigning equipment through our revenue sharing program allows manufacturer-specific market experts to evaluate the current value of each asset and provide a detailed appraisal. This is the step where there is money to be made!

Giving back to this Earth by recycling outdated devices is a small step to make this world a better place. Because it’s Earth Day, take the opportunity to evaluate your business or data center’s electronic graveyard and make an inquiry with CentricsIT. For more information, visit https://www.centricsit.com.