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2018 Gartner ITAD Market Guide: CentricsIT Among Profiled Vendors

Leading IT research firm Gartner has released its official market guide for IT Asset Disposition companies (ITAD) and profiled CentricsIT as a representative vendor. Gartner releases report titled, “Market Guide for IT Asset Disposition,” authored by analysts Rob Schafer and Christopher Dixon. The report was published on July 26, 2018. You must be a Gartner subscriber to access the full document (Gartner ID: G00355990). CentricsIT has been helping its clients make smarter decisions about their IT delivery for more than a decade. We are well known in the industry for our innovative approach to IT lifecycle management, which prioritizes asset value alongside security and environmental sustainability. When it comes to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), our goal has always been to help our clients recoup the value of their retired assets [...]

What the Race to 5G Technology Means For Your Technology Strategy

Fifth generation networks—otherwise known as 5G technology or “wireless fiber”—are slated to become the future of mobile connectivity. Boasting comparatively faster speeds, better coverage, and more reliable connections, 5G is expected to outpace the capabilities of 4G. It’s not that 4G hasn’t been doing its job, it’s just that 5G will do it better. This is because of its unique ability to address the: Rise in mobile data traffic (due to video streaming) Exponential growth of device connectivity IoT demand on networks Need for network operators to reduce operational expenditures With this enhanced broadband queued up for a 2020 release, let’s talk about how these advancements will augment your current IT processes. What’s the Difference? To understand how 5G technology will positively affect the IT industry, it is important to [...]

Ten Years of Turkeys: A CentricsIT Thanksgiving Tradition

This post was contributed by Mandy Glidewell, Director of Marketing It’s a tradition that harkens back to a different time—before you could order a Thanksgiving meal with your phone, or even your watch; when labor unions were more prevalent and American factories and manufacturing plants were cornerstones of the economy; and before benefits were baked into standard compensation plans—a time when an employer-gifted Thanksgiving turkey was commonplace. While 23 percent of employers plan to host a Thanksgiving meal or distribute gifts this year, only 3 percent of employers plan to hand out turkeys to their employees, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the Bureau of National Affairs. Among non-manufacturing businesses, that figure drops to 2 percent. CentricsIT is among that 2 percent. 2017 marks the tenth consecutive year in [...]

Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling Act (SEERA): An Overview

What is the Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling Act (SEERA)? A bill under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives called the Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling Act (SEERA) would require all e-waste recycling to be performed domestically and prevent the export of e-waste overseas, which could lead to counterfeit goods reentering the military and civilian electronics in the country, according to the bill’s sponsors. SEERA, introduced by Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) and Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA), seeks to stop the flow of electronic waste to China and other countries known for producing counterfeit electronic parts using the recycled material. Risks of Exporting E-Waste E-waste dumping drives the counterfeit electronics components industry, says Kristal Snider, co-founder of Electronic Resellers Association International. It “kills small businesses, threatens national security and funds criminal [...]

Striving for Gold: The Technology Running the 2016 Summer Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics are fast approaching. Due to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5-21, the games will host athletes from around the world ready to compete for a chance at a gold medal. And, just as the athletes have been preparing for the Games, so have the countless vendors, employees and volunteers who are handling the technology requirements. The event promises to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area, in addition to the more than 3.6 billion viewers expected to watch the Games. The data and technology needs for accommodating them is tremendous. To meet these demands, the International Olympic Committee recently opened the Technology Operations Centre (TOC) for the 2016 Games. The TOC supervises all 144 Olympic competition and non-competition venues. During [...]

FAQ: Dell-EMC Merger

Dell is merging with EMC – how does this affect you? As of October 12 2015, Dell announced it would be merging with EMC. The Dell-EMC merger has been named the biggest technology merger in history with a price tag set at $67 billion. With such a large deal at hand, we must assume that some changes will be made as the companies form this new epic technology conglomerate. There are many questions to be answered, and CentricsIT is here to try and bridge some of those gaps. What will be the name of the company after the merge? Earlier this month, while speaking at the EMC World in Las Vegas, Dell CEO Michael Dell revealed that the new name will be Dell Technologies. How long should I expect for the transition [...]

Four Ways to Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient

Although data center energy efficiency has significantly advanced over the past decade, the most progress has being recorded around facility and equipment efficiencies, and not much around server operation efficiency. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), “data centers are the fastest-growing users of electricity in developed countries, and one of the key drivers in the construction of new power plants in the United States.” Furthermore, 50% of the U.S. server electricity consumption belongs to smaller server rooms and closets and a quarter of it is wasted because of obliviousness toward efficiency incentives. Not only does this inefficient energy consumption add on to bills, it increases carbon pollution as well. Knowing what’s in a data center is the first step toward improving energy efficiency and reducing costs. Here are [...]

Lenovo, IBM Deal Sparks U.S. Navy Cyber Fears Over China

Back in October of 2014, China-based computer technology firm Lenovo competed the initial closing of its acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business for $2.1 billion. As part of the Lenovo, IBM deal, Lenovo acquired System x, BladeCenter and Flex System blade servers and switches, x86-based Flex integrated systems, NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers and associated software, blade networking and maintenance operations. Following the sale, the U.S. Navy is considering new servers for its upgraded Aegis Combat System, citing security issues, according to USNI News, the news and analysis portal of the U.S. Naval Institute. A Navy spokesman told USNI News that the “Department of Homeland Defense identified security concerns with the IBM Blade Center sale and placed restrictions on federal government procurement of Lenovo Blade Center server products.” The U.S. Navy [...]

Strategic Hardware and IT Support Recommendations from Gartner

Latest Gartner research identifies opportunities for IT leaders to reduce TCO The two goals at the top of every IT purchasing decision maker’s list are: 1) reduce costs and 2) extend the functional life of IT assets. Easy, right? We’re kidding. Achieving bottom-line oriented goals while keeping up with the technical demands of a modern data center is among the most challenging aspects of an IT leader’s job. That’s why data center and procurement leaders turn to resources like Gartner. Gartner Research is a highly influential leader in technology business insights, and the analysts at Gartner frequently release detailed reports covering everything from top technologies to trends in managed services. One of Gartner’s most recent reports, titled “Used Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Support Cost Savings,” identifies opportunities for IT leaders to [...]

Accenture Indicates Third Party Maintenance is a Top Trend in IT

When Accenture talks, we listen. Well known as one of the largest business consulting firms in the world, Accenture stands among the most prominent influencers when it comes to business purchasing insights and trends. That’s why we at CentricsIT were happy to see that Accenture indicates Third Party Maintenance for IT is a “no-brainer” in a recent spend trends report. The report confirms what we already know—the quality of third-party IT maintenance continues to increase. TPM offers “better savings potential” and “better global coverage,” according to the report. What we love most about this report, is that it substantiates the best business case for Third-Party Maintenance, which is—simply put—the OEMs use TPM, so why can’t you? The OEM cannot avoid sub-contracting out to Third-Party Maintenance providers when you want umbrella coverage that [...]