ROI-Focused IT Asset Disposition and Remarketing


Common Sense IT: Maximize the Latent Value of Your Current Infrastructure As technology evolves and more companies move infrastructure to the cloud, responsibly decommissioning IT assets should be a top priority for all IT leaders. But many companies fail to realize the substantial value in their retired IT hardware and either leave it in a [...]

A Common Sense Approach to Multi-Location IT Services


Comprehensive Global Vendor Consolidation Hiring dozens of vendors for projects across your multiple locations is costly and inefficient. But that’s how most companies approach multi-location rollouts and IT project management. Eliminating the added cost and hassle of managing several disparate IT vendors just makes sense. CentricsIT provides end-to-end lifecycle management services—from sourcing to ITAD—and a [...]

World-Class Alternative to Costly OEM Maintenance


Common Sense IT: Save on Maintenance to Extend the Scope of Your IT Budget The OEM’s approach to maintenance doesn’t make sense to us. The OEMs treat your maintenance contracts more like insurance policies—the older your equipment and the more likely it is to fail, the more they charge to maintain and support your machines. [...]

How to Plan for a Wireless Assessment [e-Book]


How to Plan for a Wireless Assessment A Guide for Leaders at All Levels When you hear the phrase “wireless assessment,” a few thoughts immediately spring to mind: daunting, time consuming, labor intensive, and—worst of all—potential for mistakes. You probably have a good idea of which areas you had troubles with in the past [...]

IT Decommission: Ensuring Data Security and Brand Protection


IT Decommission: Ensuring Data Security and Brand Protection Don’t Take Chances with Your Next Decommission Project. No one wants to be the next big data breach. And because data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, you must guard it by whatever means necessary. What happens when you start decommissioning units and recycling [...]

A Smarter Way to Hybrid Cloud [e-Book]


A Smarter Way to Hybrid Cloud If you haven’t already considered or been tasked with moving some or all your infrastructure to the cloud, we have news for you: It’s coming. And if you’re like most IT organizations, you’re being asked to do more with little to no budgetary increase each year. Either that, [...]

Consolidate IT Vendors to Regain Control [e-Book]


Consolidate IT Vendors to Regain Control of Procurement, Facilities, Costs, and More With employee turnover, added complexities of M&As, and other natural complications, your organization could fall out of place with the global marketplace. But when industry fluctuations occur, your company needs robust processes and established protocols in place to help you stay on [...]

Breaking Down Inflated EMC Maintenance Costs [e-Book]


IT Maintenance and Support Is Vital for Your Business Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a newly launched startup, if you have enterprise IT equipment, you need maintenance. You have vital storage infrastructure to maintain and secure, and if it goes down, so does your business. Yes, quality maintenance contracts are essential to keeping [...]

The IT Leader’s Recession Guide


Rise Above the Recession Navigating The Slowdown and Economic Rebound The state of business has changed, and while there are multiple forecasts and projections out there, no one knows when the economy will return to a state of normalcy. Companies weren’t prepared before−but they can be now. With locations closed, and full teams operating [...]

The Rise of On-Demand Field Services in IT [Whitepaper]


Task Outsourcing The Rise of On-Demand Field Services in IT “Do more with less,” has become a trope in the industry, whether it be out of lean team necessity or a desire to be more efficient with finances. Gone are the days of highly-specialized hardware and software engineers—in the past, there could be 150-member [...]

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