IBM Maintenance

Preparing for the IBM POWER7 EOSL Date

When your OEM announces EOL (and then, later, EOSL) on your critical equipment, you’re forced to make an immediate decision. Whether you decide to upgrade your units, continue OEM support at an inflated cost, or switch to a third-party maintenance provider, the decision shouldn’t come lightly. You need the time and forewarning to research your next steps before the OEM announcement propels you into a high-cost support contract or hardware purchase.

Your POWER7 is Headed for EOSL

Released in 2010, POWER7 has been on the market long enough for its hardware prices to decrease significantly—a natural trend in the market that we have seen and leveraged to our clients’ advantage over the years.

Don’t wait for the EOL status light to push you to the next step, whether it be migrating your workloads to the next iteration (before you’re ready), or upgrading your units altogether.

Download the datasheet today to learn how you  can continue support on your IBM legacy equipment and save 40-90%.