End-to End Data Security

You already spend a great deal of time, money and human resources defending your active data. Why let that work and investment go to waste by failing to protect data after its hosting hardware has been phased out of your facilities? You may no longer need those units, but that doesn’t mean your data security responsibilities end there. Rather, you should secure the residual data with the same dedication with which you safeguard your active hardware and data (because we all know how ugly data breaches can be).

No one wants to be the next big data breach. And because data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, you need an ITAD partner that takes the proper compliance and security precautions during the decommissioning process.

Our Process

CentricsIT provides secure chain of custody for every hardware shipment by default, and we have documentation, physical parameters and fail-safes to prove it.

Upon arrival, your units are carefully packed in Secure Transportable Units for Data Destruction, or “STUDD” for short. This lockable bin securely contains your data-bearing units from your facility to ours, with each lock being uniquely identifiable.

The STUDDs are then loaded into point-to-point, dedicated trucks; “dedicated” meaning that the truck does not stop or pick up other clients’ units along the way. Our drivers are highly vetted and experienced within the industry.

Each truck is cable-sealed with a serialized lock. Our drivers (and you) will know immediately if there has been unauthorized access.

Pictures are taken throughout the entire shipment process to provide physical evidence of comprehensive security statuses. Our technicians take pictures of each locking mechanism before we leave your data center. Pictures are taken if/when drivers are relieved. Final pictures are taken upon arrival at our warehouse.

If your vendor is unwilling to provide you with the proper documentation and empirical assurances, don’t hire them. CentricsIT provides the proper documentation and procedures to guarantee your data (and your brand’s) security from end-to-end.


No one wants to be the next big data breach—especially through your old data storage assets.

Learn how to protect your company's reputation and data during the decommissioning process with this free comprehensive guide to secure ITAD.