Reporting and Business Intelligence

CentricsIQ is our comprehensive ITAD portal, designed specifically to power enterprise-scale ITAD services. CentricsIQ automates all phases of the ITAD process and can be customized for client-specific needs.

The portal provides clients with secure, real-time access to order management, inventory and dashboard metrics. Clients can request service, view job status, manage inventory and perform numerous queries. In addition, it serves as a repository for all documents and information associated with a client’s ITAD program and projects.

CentricsIQ not only creates service efficiencies, it ensures the integrity of data and enables powerful business intelligence for program improvement.

Reports and Certificates include

  • Onsite Reports
  • Initial Sort Reports
  • Variance Reporting
  • Remarketing and Resale Reporting
  • Final Settlement Reports
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Ad-Hoc and On-Demand Reporting
  • Chain of Custody Documentation
  • Data Destruction Reports and Certificates
  • Certificates of Recycling

Audit Reports

An Audit Report consists of an Audit Summary and Asset Detail Report. These reports along with the corresponding Certificate of Data Destruction and Certificate of Recycling are furnished and available at the completion of equipment processing. Job details, data erasure reports, certificates and ad-hoc reports are also available through request and the online Client Portal.

Environmental Impact Reports

To quantify the environmental impact of a properly run client ITAD program, CentricsIT provides program metrics for the client’s dispositioned assets. The data includes comprehensive details about the equipment, projects, costs and value recovery. The client’s repurposed equipment metrics are also converted to detail the true environment impact of their program’s sustainability contribution.

CentricsIQ provides a simple and user-friendly tool for our clients so that they know the status of their equipment in real time. All documentation is stored in CentricsIQ, keeping certificates of data destruction and sanitization easy to find and access.

For more information about CentricsIQ and the ITAD services offered by CentricsIT, contact our experts.


IT starts with ITAD

ITAD isn’t always the end. With more EUC devices entering—and then leaving—corporate environments, it might seem like their value ends there. ITAD can breathe new life into these products and into sustainability initiatives. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how CentricsIT can advance your ESG programs.