OEM Maintenance Eligibility

One of the largest misconceptions that keep buyers from saving thousands on the secondary market is the fear of buying IT hardware that is past warranty and ineligible for maintenance support. Though there are updates and patches that older equipment is ineligible for, support is not one of them. Even after manufacturers stop maintaining equipment, the equipment is eligible for third-party maintenance which can keep units running well past end-of-life dates.

The secondary market is home to a wide range of equipment—from new-in-box to units that may be more at home in a museum. As such, there are units being sold on the secondary market that qualify for manufacturer maintenance. Used and refurbished equipment being sold by a reseller can be “rebanded” (recertified) by a manufacturer-certified engineer, keeping it eligible for the manufacturer’s maintenance.

Some units on the secondary market are not eligible for manufacturer’s maintenance, sadly, but they are still eligible for third-party maintenance. Third-party maintenance is often offered at a discount to the manufacturer’s maintenance and has its own benefits. Third-party technicians often have to work with many types of equipment and mixed environments, so they may have more complete knowledge than those sent by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers contract out their maintenance anyway, so technicians who hold certifications in the equipment they are working on offer the same level of service as the ones sent by the manufacturer. When looking for third-party maintenance providers, look for certifications to ensure quality of service.

When you buy IT hardware, whether it is eligible for maintenance by the manufacturer, it is eligible for third-party maintenance. Third-party maintenance saves users on average 40–70% on IT maintenance costs without sacrificing quality. For more information about supplementing the manufacturer’s maintenance or switching entirely to third-party maintenance, visit our third-party maintenance pages, or contact us.


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