Disposal Options

Don’t let wasteful disposal practices prevent you from earning the maximum return on your IT investments.

CentricsIT is a different kind of asset disposition company. Our primary focus is the data center. While we also handle desktops, laptops, printers, and other internal IT assets, our primary focus is high-level enterprise IT hardware.

As a leading global distributor of surplus IT hardware, we know the secondary market better than anyone. We source and resell hardware all over the world every day. Our engineers are certified to test and repair machines from every major manufacturer, and our global secondary market experts are manufacturer-specific, ensuring that your equipment appraisal is always accurate and current.

Many of our competitors in the ITAD space sell decommissioned equipment to us, which we then resell to our global customer base. But when you consign your assets with CentricsIT, you instantly gain access to our customers which can generate higher returns for your products.

Immediate Buyback Options

Sell your retired assets to CentricsIT directly for instant ROI

For customers who prefer not to wait for their equipment to sell during a revenue sharing agreement, CentricsIT offers competitive buyback options that instantly put money back into your IT budget. We offer straight cash buyback or hardware credit toward a future purchase from CentricsIT.

The buyback process is similar to our revenue sharing process. A CentricsIT asset management specialist will take inventory of each component you are looking to retire and take note of each asset’s condition. A product specialist will then ascertain the current market value of each asset and take into account the cost of data sanitization and logistics before presenting you with a competitive buyback offer. Once an agreement is made, our in-house logistics team will take care of coordinating equipment pick-up and delivery, and you’ll receive a check or credit toward a new purchase.


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