In a data-driven business environment, downtime can be disastrous.

Downtime can result in lost profits, loss of consumer trust and can be a major hit to the morale of your team. Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common, and natural disasters can happen to anyone, anytime. If your business relies on online profit to keep afloat, a disaster recovery plan and disaster recovery measures are crucial.

When keeping up with the day to day it can seem impossible to have the bandwidth to prepare for the future. However, in terms of a disruption, it’s not about if, it’s about when. A disaster is anything that causes equipment failure, whether it’s a faulty element, a cyberattack, a natural disaster, or something else entirely. To keep this event from sending your business back to the dark ages—or losing any information at all—you need a plan to back up and recover the data and continue operations as normal.

If you are looking for IT hardware to provide a backup for testing and disaster recovery for your IT environment, CentricsIT can help. CentricsIT can provide quality IT hardware at a discount to back up your environment without breaking the bank.

All CentricsIT hardware is under our warranty and is tested before being shipped. Each item is configured to order. When the hardware arrives, it is ready to go. CentricsIT can configure hardware to provide a backup solution to best fit your needs and environment.

If you are having trouble designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan, our engineers can help. With experience with hardware from all leading manufacturers, they know what options are available as well as backup and recovery best practices. To ensure that the configuration works, CentricsIT will test the equipment before it leaves our warehouse so you are not left high and dry. Instead, you will be protected when disaster comes.


No one wants to be the next big data breach—especially through your old data storage assets.

Learn how to protect your company's reputation and data during the decommissioning process with this free comprehensive guide to secure ITAD.