Secure Sustainability through responsible IT Asset Disposition and Mindful IT Hardware Sourcing

Certified and Secure

R2v3, ISO:45001, ISO:14001, ISO:9001.

The CentricsIT facilities located in Atlanta, GA hold ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, Responsible Recycling© (R2v3) and ISO 9001 certifications.


Delivering in over 90 Countries.

Certified to deliver secure ITAD solutions and experienced in secondary market IT hardware globally, backed by 17 years of experience.


Our impact on your business is backed by real-time analytics.

CentricsIQ, our client service portal, enables real-time access to chain-of-custody, environmental impact, and value recovery revenue reporting.


Reducing excess over traditional IT sourcing methods.

As an independent distributor of new and used IT hardware, we offer an environmental alternative to traditional IT purchasing.

OUR MISSION: A Better Planet

Less E-Waste = Cleaner Water

E-waste often contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants. When e-waste is improperly disposed of in landfills, these toxic substances can leach into the soil and eventually contaminate groundwater and surface water. By reducing e-waste, we reduce the amount of these hazardous materials that can enter water sources.

Reducing e-waste means that fewer raw materials need to be extracted and processed to produce new electronic devices. Mining and refining activities often result in water pollution due to the release of heavy metals and other pollutants. By decreasing the demand for new materials, we can reduce the water pollution associated with these processes.

Eliminate E-Waste Toxins for Fresher Air

E-waste often contains hazardous substances like lead, mercury, and brominated flame retardants. When e-waste is incinerated, these toxic substances can be released into the air, leading to air pollution and health risks. Reducing e-waste decreases the amount of waste incinerated and thus lowers the release of harmful pollutants.

The production of new electronic devices requires the extraction and processing of raw materials, which often involve activities that release significant amounts of pollutants into the air. These processes can emit greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and other pollutants. By reducing e-waste and increasing recycling, the demand for new raw materials decreases, thereby reducing emissions associated with resource extraction and processing.

Decrease Demand to Preserve Habitats

The extraction of raw materials for electronic devices often involves mining activities that destroy natural habitats. This destruction can lead to the loss of biodiversity and displacement of wildlife. By reducing e-waste, we decrease the demand for new materials, thereby minimizing habitat destruction caused by mining.

Improperly disposed e-waste can lead to physical hazards for animals. Small parts and toxic components can be ingested by animals, leading to internal injuries or poisoning. Additionally, animals can become entangled in larger pieces of e-waste, causing physical harm or death. Reducing e-waste lowers the amount of electronic debris in the environment, thus reducing these risks.

OUR PROMISE: Security and Data Protection

End-to-End Physical and Data Security

Data security within the ITAD process is of paramount importance, beginning with a thorough data wiping procedure for all data-bearing devices. This process often employs industry-standard data erasure software that meets regulatory and compliance requirements, ensuring all data is irreversibly destroyed. For devices that cannot be wiped effectively, physical destruction methods such as shredding or degaussing are employed. CentricsIT provides a certificate of data destruction, providing documented proof of compliance with data protection regulations.

Take a virtual tour of our certified ITAD facility.


We Take a Channel-Alternative Approach to Global IT Hardware Sourcing and Procurement

CentricsIT began as a global independent distributor of new and refurbished IT hardware, and we remain a world leader today. When you engage CentricsIT to procure your infrastructure equipment, you gain access to our $10 million inventory and our global purchasing network, a significant portion of which is supplied through ITAD.

Our manufacturer-specific product specialists source hardware on the global IT market every day, which means fair market pricing for our clients that is completely independent of the OEM model.

Purchasing IT hardware on the secondary market offers a more sustainable procurement method compared to traditional sourcing for several compelling reasons. Primarily, it extends the lifecycle of electronic devices, reducing the overall demand for new production.

Executive Vice President

network world logo

“The best way to reduce IT waste is to use any product to its maximum lifespan, without compromising on performance. This is easy to do. Many used products are N-1—just one generation back from the latest OEM lines.”

Another benefit of sourcing used IT gear is the near-term availability of the products. “The equipment is in stock and ready to ship—no lead times,” James says. “Especially now, when we’re seeing lead times for new hardware into the hundreds of days, being able to receive what you need overnight is critical.”

Circular Sourcing

Acquiring surplus IT equipment can provide the same technological benefits and reliability as purchasing directly from manufacturers, often at a reduced cost.

This approach not only supports sustainable consumption patterns but also aligns with the principles of a circular economy, where the emphasis is on keeping products in use for as long as possible.

High Global Availability

With more than $10 million of inventory in stock, most quotes can be configured and shipped worldwide within 24–48 hours, eliminating OEM lead times.

Our worldwide footprint is the product of our global trade expertise and experience handling international customs. Our logistics experts and certified customs brokers ensure we can import and export hardware anywhere in the world.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our independent status means that we are not bound by OEM discount categories, which gives us access to the global marketplace and the best possible pricing.

Altogether, our clients save 50–80% on their hardware purchases versus traditional distribution channels.

Unbiased Recommendations

At CentricsIT, we pride ourselves on being vendor-neutral. We take a consultative approach when making hardware recommendations and offer products from all best-of-breed manufacturers.

CentricsIT is ISO certified, and our engineers put every device through a rigorous inspection as part of our quality control protocols. Each system is configured to the customer’s specifications.