Rent/Lease for Flexibility

Short-term projects shouldn’t have long-term effects on your IT budget

As IT budgets continue to stretch, you may find yourself putting off certain projects because of up-front cost. Because of the cost of IT equipment, IT departments and CTOs everywhere have to think carefully about what to buy.

It may not seem worth it to buy new equipment that you will only need for a few months during a move or for a month of high demand. That’s why CentricsIT offers short-term rentals.

Short-term technology equipment rentals range from one week to twelve months and are optimal for:

  • Data Center Moves
  • Application Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Seasonal Spikes
  • Proof of Concept

Short term rentals are ideal for businesses who need equipment to augment their environment temporarily. A short term rental does not have the prohibitive up-front cost that buying new equipment does, and you don’t have to worry about the equipment depreciating or the logistics of decommissioning.

Short-term rental equipment from CentricsIT is available globally, and at short notice. It is fully configurable with a pre-loaded operating system and comes with global support options. If, once you start using the equipment, you discover that the equipment is what your environment needs, CentricsIT offers flexible rent to own options, so you can make your temporary fix a more permanent solution.

At CentricsIT, we offer value optimized—optimized for your budget, optimized for your environment, optimized for your business. With stock from all of the major manufacturers, spanning years, CentricsIT is not trying to sell you the latest model—we’re trying to find the right solution for your unique environment. With over $25 million in inventory from major IT manufacturers, such as IBM, Dell, HPE, NetApp and Cisco, we’re confident that we have the IT hardware you need. We pride ourselves on our diverse array of hardware, networking and storage equipment; and you won’t find our quality of customer service anywhere else.

For more information about our rental options, contact our experts.


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