Sustainability has become a buzzword in the IT field.

Companies are being encouraged to “Go Green,” but going green means more than planting trees and adding recycling bins around the office. Moreover, going green can save your business money. As businesses are adopting more and more technology into their processes, more and more e-waste is being produced. Equipment that goes for tens of thousands of dollars is only expected to have a life of about 5 years by the manufacturer, and the bigger your environment, the bigger the bill—the bigger your impact on the environment.

The Need for Green

According to a 2019 UN study, more than 55 million tons of e-waste are generated globally every year. The annual value of this e-waste is over $62.5 billion. Trends suggest these numbers are only growing. Diverting this waste from the landfill is not only keeping the equipment out of the landfill, it’s keeping your investment out of the landfill. Going green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your budget.

Governmental Compliance

Governments around the world have regulations in place for the treatment of e-waste for data and environmental protection. These regulations mean that every organization should have a plan for how to treat e-waste to remain in governmental compliance and avoid a data breach. The beset way to ensure compliance is to create a plan to decommission old or neglected devices.

The Importance of ITAD

To avoid data breach or the consequences of incompliance, every company should create an ITAD plan—a plan for sanitizing and disposing of hardware that no longer serves your company. CentricsIT offers both recycling and consignment and buyback options. The experts at CentricsIT evaluate your equipment, and those eligible are wiped and resold on the secondary market, returning money to your IT budget. Those ineligible for resale will be wiped or destroyed, according to the laws governing handling of the data and recycled according to government compliance.


No one wants to be the next big data breach—especially through your old data storage assets.

Learn how to protect your company's reputation and data during the decommissioning process with this free comprehensive guide to secure ITAD.