With more than 15 years of experience in the secondary market, CentricsIT sources from all over the globe.

CentricsIT is part of a global network of buyers and sellers. With 15 years comes the knowledge of things to look for, things to avoid, and how to get the best deals for our customers. Our ability to source globally helps save our clients time and money and helps us secure the best models and solutions for our clients.

Because we source hardware from all over the globe and aren’t tied to partnership agreements with manufacturers, CentricsIT is able to find the best possible pricing. Altogether, our clients save 50–80% on their hardware purchases versus traditional distribution channels.

With more than $10 million of inventory in stock, most quotes can be configured and shipped worldwide within 24–48 hours, eliminating OEM lead times.

CentricsIT is ISO certified, and our engineers put every device through a rigorous inspection as part of our quality control protocols. Each system is configured to the customer’s specifications.

Our worldwide footprint is the product of our global trade expertise and our experience handling international customs. Our logistics experts and certified customs brokers ensure we can import and export hardware anywhere in the world.

We’ve been in the shipping business for over a decade now. We are experts in international logistics.

Our highly trained warehouse team regularly (and successfully) prepares internationally bound hardware for overseas transport. We have the years of experience and the tools to securely package, palletize, and ensure the safe delivery of your units.

More specifically, for commonly shipped equipment like laptops, hard drives, memory, CPU’s, etc., our technicians use specially engineered, manufacturer-quality boxes with hard foam inserts to protect the hardware. For more irregularly shaped, unique equipment and for partially assembled units, our technicians use our customizable expanding foam machine to add tailored security into the packaging.

With CentricsIT, the packaging process is optimized for each piece of your hardware to ensure its safe delivery.

We only contract with highly vetted, experienced transportation partners, both internationally and here in the US. As such, we establish and maintain a strict and universalized procedure to ensure the security of the equipment.

Because of our extensive global network of strategic partners, CentricsIT maintains close relationships with the IOR specialists at each international location who know the ins-and-outs of their particular import and export laws and regulations. Not only that, CentricsIT has a full-time Licensed Customs Broker on staff. CentricsIT legitimizes your shipments to Customs and Border Protection from both sides of the border, thus avoiding delays, penalties, and seizures.

CentricsIT takes care of the entire IT lifecycle process from start to finish. No matter where your equipment resides, our team will coordinate pick-up and handle its secure, economical transport to any location worldwide. Our skill earned us the 2021 Georgia Exporter of the Year Award.

To learn more about our ability to source and ship IT hardware globally, contact our experts.


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