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“Do more with less” isn’t just an IT proverb, it’s what IT departments everywhere live by. Business is becoming increasingly digital, and IT is more important than ever. That does not mean that IT budgets are keeping up. IT equipment is a huge investment, and the speed of improvement means that equipment turnover is high, and the manufacturer would have you believe that the rate is higher than it is. CentricsIT helps businesses stay secure and get a return on investment with our buyback and decommissioning programs.

As IT equipment gets older, businesses have to plan how to handle it—not just a plan for a replacement, but for decommissioning and removal. That’s where CentricsIT comes in. CentricsIT offers IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, including equipment buyback and decommissioning. When your hardware has reached the end of its usefulness at your company, CentricsIT can use the equipment to help your team get the best return on your investment.

Just because a piece of equipment is old doesn’t mean it is worthless. Old equipment can often be wiped according to industry and government regulations and sold on the secondary market, returning funds to your IT budget and diverting e-waste from the landfill.

The sad truth: not every piece of equipment can be sold. Data regulations require drives that held certain sensitive information must be destroyed. Some equipment, after years of valuable service, is not worth selling. To save space and comply with regulations, this equipment still needs to be decommissioned. The team at CentricsIT can ensure that this equipment is destroyed and recycled, complete with certifications to ensure the job was done and done well.

When you approach CentricsIT with any IT asset disposition project, the first thing we address is your data. Depending on your specific requirements, we can deploy advanced disk sanitization methods to erase your data to HIPAA and Department of Defense NISPOM standards or use disk destruction devices to obliterate your hard disks entirely with data erasure. Regardless of the procedure you prefer, CentricsIT will provide you with a Certificate of Erasure or Destruction, backed up by our data security guarantee.

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We all know how IT ends.

Even the most cutting edge equipment becomes obsolete, but it still contains data that needs to be protected. A good ITAD plan keeps data safe, preventing breaches and leaks from your old devices. To learn more about ITAD planning, contact our team.


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