Data Destruction Services with a Global Reach

CentricsIT offers data destruction services on a global scale, providing the services businesses need to keep their data secure. Data destruction is the physical process of making a hard drive unusable for conventional equipment. Arguably, this method can be accomplished with a hammer and some sweat equity, but this is an extremely inefficient method (especially if you have hundreds of units to decommission). Instead, most companies rely on punching and shredding machines to do the job.

Our engineers provide a variety of data destruction services, allowing clients to choose between onsite and offsite data destruction for an extra level of assurance. Our data destruction methods are industry standard, making drives unreadable and protecting your business from data breaches from EOL equipment

Methods of Data Destruction

Data Destruction Services

For highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance, physical destruction adds an extra layer of insurance that the data is destroyed and irretrievable. Because CentricsIT understands the importance of your data and its security, we offer onsite and offsite data destruction, giving you options to choose what is best for your business.


For all devices that have undergone data destruction, CentricsIT provides certificates of data destruction along with detailed reporting, when services are completed.

Security certificates and reports are important documents to have for compliance and auditing purposes. CentricsIT will make every effort to accommodate your logging and reporting requirements to help you remain compliant by any standards, whether internal to your organization or mandated by a governing authority.


No one wants to be the next big data breach—especially through your old data storage assets.

Learn how to protect your company's reputation and data during the decommissioning process with this free comprehensive guide to secure ITAD.