IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

A secure, efficient way to retire unused IT assets and gain maximum return in the data center.

It’s an inevitable step in the IT lifecycle—whether you’re refreshing an entire environment, moving or combining data centers, or consolidating your IT assets—you will need to retire unused assets. Keeping unused equipment locked away in a closet collecting dust doesn’t help anyone.

IT Asset Disposition Services

Valuable storage space shouldn’t be used to house machines solely to protect the data they store; data isn’t truly secure unless hard disks are properly sanitized or destroyed. Furthermore, your unused equipment could be worth money on the secondary market—why let money sit in a corner gathering dust?

An ITAD Program You Can Rely On

When you approach CentricsIT with any IT asset disposition project, we first determine which option is best for your business- whether you recycle, repurpose, or dispose of your retired assets. We can deploy advanced disk sanitization methods to erase your data to HIPAA and Department of Defense NISPOM standards or use disk destruction devices to obliterate your hard disks entirely with data erasure. Regardless of the procedure you prefer, CentricsIT will provide you with a Certificate of Erasure or Destruction, backed up by our data security guarantee. All of our IT recycling practices meet or exceed EPA standards, and our data center expertise translates directly to our processes, which are among the most efficient in our industry.

Once you hand your equipment over for disposition, CentricsIT will take care of the entire process from start to finish. Our certified engineers will perform an audit and thorough inspection of the equipment you are retiring and provide a detailed report. If your goal is to consign your equipment through our revenue sharing program, manufacturer-specific market experts will evaluate the current value of each asset and provide you with a detailed appraisal.

Experience the Benefits of a Global Logistics Team Guiding Your ITAD Program

As your equipment sells, our expert data center logistics team hand packs each shipment using specially designed packaging to provide maximum protection during transport. Our logistics teams also handles customs globally—meaning your assets can be sold and shipped anywhere in the world, indefinitely expanding the marketplace for your IT hardware. We’ll report monthly with the status of your assets and updated revenue information.

IT Asset Recycling and Technology Disposal

Environmentally friendly and EPA-compliant asset disposition services.

Your decommissioned assets may have no use in your data center, but that doesn’t mean they’re garbage. When CentricsIT begins an IT recycling project, the first consideration is always the greenest—can this asset be reused or repurposed? This is where a strong evaluation of asset recycling and disposal occurs.

While recycling IT hardware can provide a small return from the value of the raw materials, completely reusing or repurposing an asset can elicit a much larger return from the value of the entire machine. So rather than immediately breaking machines and their components down to the smallest parts, CentricsIT evaluates whether any of its IT buyers around the world may have use for them or if re-configuration is an option. Many machines and components can have a second life with a few simple upgrades or refurbishments. When this is the case, your assets go from scrap metal to revenue-generating consignment candidates.

For components that are true candidates for recycling, CentricsIT takes every step needed to guarantee EPA-compliance and environmentally responsible disposal practices.

Did you know that you can recycle your IT assets?

At CentricsIT, we practice Green IT. We work hard to ensure every usable piece of equipment is repurposed, and anything that cannot be salvaged is properly disposed of. Our IT recycling program includes: Zero-Landfill Policy Adherence, Clean and Sustainable Disposal Practices, Asset Tracking, and Total EPA Compliancy.

Technology Disposal

When IT recycling is not an option, and you need to dispose of your IT assets safely and environmentally aware, call on CentricsIT. We guarantee our services will meet your quality expectations.

CentricsIT deploys a national fleet of mobile disk shredders to safely and permanently destroy old disks, safeguarding your data and brand security. Whether you need onsite data destruction for compliance or prefer to move your data erasure to a secure offsite facility, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for our services. As a result, you can move forward knowing your data is secure and your equipment is disposed of according to EPA standards.

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A Better Way to ITAD

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