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Hardware-as-a-Service Revolutionizes the Way You Handle IT Projects

Traditional enterprise hardware procurement is limited and expensive, especially when workloads and projects fluctuate. Idle hardware costs you more than just a considerable CAPEX investment; it also takes up valuable real estate in your data center.

Many companies have turned to leasing or renting strategies to counteract CAPEX drains. But traditional rental and leasing programs come with their own challenges, like inflexible contracts and additional obligations to your vendor.

It’s Time for a Better Model

Revolutionize the way you handle IT projects. Download this free whitepaper to discover how hardware-as-a-service can alleviate some of your IT pain points with more flexible (and more economical) methods for your project hardware sourcing needs.

Hardware-as-a-Service is More than Just Sourcing

Discover better hardware lifecycle management for:

Address your hardware sourcing problems at the facility, server, and application levels.