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Finding and vetting an ITAD provider can be difficult. After all, you are looking for more than just a recycler. You are looking for someone you can trust with your data, with your client’s data, and with your business reputation. For companies that are in highly regulated industries like healthcare or finance, the question is even more pressing. After all, these companies don’t only answer to their clients, they answer to regulatory bodies that ensure that data is treated appropriately.

When you are vetting an ITAD provider, it’s important to consider several things—certifications, recognition, processes for hardware and data, and what you need out of an ITAD provider.

ITAD Certifications

Certifications show an organization’s commitment to its product and its clients. In ITAD, some of the most relevant certifications include ISO 9001, which regulates quality management, ISO 14001, which pertains to environmental management systems, and ISO 45001 which ensures the health and safety of employees. R2v3, the Responsible Recycling certification, is also among the top ITAD certifications. Unlike the ISO certifications which are issued by the International Organization for Standardization, R2v3 is issued by SERI, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, and is industry-specific.

Considering certifications when vetting an ITAD provider accomplishes several things. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality, but more than that, it guarantees regular auditing by a third party to show that they continue to meet certification standards.


When you are looking for an ITAD provider you can trust—after looking at certifications—look at how the organization has been recognized within the field. Look for awards and mentions in industry journals and outlets like Gartner and CRN. Companies that have been recognized by respected organizations show that they offer high levels of service and are committed to quality. They have been vetted by experts in the industry and have received recognition for their good work.

Ask about Processes

Knowing what happens to your data is non-negotiable. Research a provider’s methods through its website, and if you still have questions, get in touch. A reputable ITAD provider will be more than willing to discuss their methods because they know the importance of data destruction.

An ITAD provider’s processes should include a secure chain of custody while in transport. For equipment being wiped, it should meet the DoD 5220.22 standard of data erasure. All equipment should have an extensive paper trail, including certificates of destruction for destroyed hardware and certificates of data destruction for equipment that has been wiped.

Evaluate Your Priorities

Every ITAD provider is not created equal, but every business’ ITAD needs are not the same. Think about whether you need on-site ITAD or off-site equipment destruction. Is value recovery important to you? What kinds of data needs to be processed? Equipment that can be wiped undergoes a different process than equipment that must be destroyed. For businesses with more than one location that will need to be serviced, finding a provider that can service multiple locations can be a priority. While answering all of these questions can be overwhelming, these and more factor into what you need from an ITAD provider.

Vetting an ITAD provider can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. CentricsIT can help. With more than 17 years of global ITAD experience, we offer sustainable and secure ITAD services. With a reputation for excellence, CentricsIT has been profiled by Gartner and CRN and has been featured on Network World. Our team prioritizes customer service and making the ITAD process as simple—and secure—as possible. We maintain multiple certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and R2v3 to demonstrate our commitment to our clients, to our employees, and to the environment.


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