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The 2022 GLOBE Awards recognize CentricsIT for entering new international markets in 2021.

ATLANTA, April 21 – CentricsIT is honored to have received a GLOBE Award (Georgia Launching Opportunities By Exporting) from the Georgia Department of Economic Development. This award recognizes organizations that entered one or more international markets in 2021; this is the sixth such GLOBE commendation for CentricsIT.

In 2021, total trade between Georgia and the world reached 215 unique countries and territories, exceeding a record-breaking $123.7 billion. In the past year, this trade has grown by 25%. Georgia now ranks 7th in the U.S. for total trade.

CentricsIT, a global IT hardware and solutions provider, has a presence in more than 80 countries around the world and continues to make headway by tapping into further territories, offering asset disposition services, on-demand engineering services, and maintenance solutions in addition to its hardware sales. By optimizing IT budgets and consolidating data center vendors, CentricsIT helps clients around the world improve efficiency and reduce wasteful IT spending. The company is headquartered in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia and operates globally out of offices in: Charlotte, Toronto, London, Prague, Dubai, and Bucharest.

For more information, contact Andra Laca, Marketing Communications Manager.