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CentricsIT Named Exporter of the Year by Georgia Department of Economic Development.

ATLANTA December 13, 2021 – The Georgia Department of Economic Development recognized CentricsIT as an Exporter of the Year as part of its annual GLOBE Awards program that showcases Georgia firms breaking into new global markets. Georgia’s Deputy Commissioner of International Trade, Mary Waters, presented CentricsIT with the award (Georgia Launching Opportunities By Exporting) at the CentricsIT headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. This award recognizes organizations that have entered one or more international markets in the previous calendar year; this is the sixth GLOBE commendation for CentricsIT and the first “Georgia Exporter of the Year” distinction.

Exporters of the year are selected based on their commitment to exporting, the steps taken to increase export sales, and the challenges they have overcome to continue doing business at an international scale. CentricsIT puts a continuous investment in our international capacity, ability to successfully execute intricate international services, and our agile approach to complex business needs.

During the pandemic, CentricsIT was able to leverage its business model to generate cost savings and efficiencies for its customers. It also utilized its built-in adaptability to help clients deal with situations that were complicated by the pandemic, underscoring their long-term commitment to global customers and continued growth.

“It’s always a pleasure to celebrate the resilience and work of our Georgia companies,” said Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp. “The number of Georgia companies that transformed obstacles into opportunities again last year is truly incredible, and we will continue to help provide support to these hardworking Georgians through our award-winning international trade team at the Georgia Department of Economic Development.”

CentricsIT, a global IT hardware and solutions provider, has a presence in more than 90 countries around the world and continues to make headway tapping into further territories, offering asset disposition services, on-demand engineering services, project management, and maintenance solutions in addition to its hardware sales. By optimizing IT budgets and consolidating data center vendors, CentricsIT helps clients around the world improve efficiency and reduce wasteful IT spending. The company operates globally out of offices in the United States, Toronto, London, Prague, Dubai, and Romania.

“We are honored to be recognized as Georgia Exporter of the Year. Winning this award during a pandemic is a huge accomplishment. This is an entire organization effort, but a special congratulations to our Operations Team,” said Vice President of Operations, Pete Bohman. “Our team is essential to the success and ease of exporting to more and more countries every year. I am proud and thankful to lead this team.”