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How To Design Your Data Center Relocation Project Plan

Most businesses often start with an on-premise IT system that’s just right for their needs—at that time. With increasing technology demands and with data being a very valuable asset today, it would likely get to a point where organizations would need to relocate to another data center.

Whether it’s an expanded and modernized data center that’s been built from the ground up or a colocation facility that’s a better fit for your current needs, moving to that new location takes careful planning and methodical execution. The main goal is to minimize disruption, downtime and risk.

Getting Stakeholders on Board

Before anything, it’s important that all stakeholders from top to bottom are completely on board with the project. Even after the data center migration has been given the green light, every department needs to understand exactly why this move is necessary, what logistics are required and what the objectives are at every step. The IT organization plays the most crucial role, but communication lines should be kept open across all units involved.

7 Key Steps to Include in Your Project Plan

  1. Evaluate your existing environment. You can’t upgrade what you haven’t assessed in detail. Perform a comprehensive appraisal of every server, security appliance, connectivity device and other pieces of hardware you have in your current data center. Make sure that all IT infrastructure components are accounted for. Evaluate the physical condition of each so that you will not be surprised with damaged equipment when the move is made.
  2. Visualize the new environment. Prepare the design and layout of the new location. Map out where the existing appliances will go and where additional ones will be placed. Make provisions to modernize your cabling system to maximize the larger space and think about how to improve energy efficiency to reduce operating costs.
  3. Appoint an experienced project manager. Relocating is a complex task, and you will need the best person for the job. An experienced project manager has the needed skills for a successful relocation: risk assessment, planning, budgeting, logistics and other essential capabilities. If no one in your enterprise has this expertise, a PMO services company can provide you with a professional project manager who will serve as your point person for this ongoing process.
  4. Create a highly-detailed plan. Creating a general plan is one thing. But a highly-detailed plan of action is key to executing everything right. This plan should include preparations for the new site (i.e., sufficient space, adequate power, ventilation), task lists for daily progress including persons responsible and timetable, checks for backups, schedules for dry runs, important milestones and all other related activities.
  5. Document everything. A lot hinges on your IT team, thus, they shouldn’t make the mistake of relying on memory and fundamental knowledge when disassembling and reconstructing networks and systems. Instead, they should ensure that all processes are documented to hasten the setup operations in the new site and simplify the task of finding where the problem lies if something goes wrong.
  6. Allocate adequate resources. One way for top management to support the relocation process is to set aside sufficient funding for the project. These resources can help the transition team get the right people, equipment, and solutions to ensure that the data center transfer proceeds with as few obstacles as possible.
  7. Engage the right partner. It is rare to have all the professionals needed for a successful data center transfer within a single organization. Most have one or two people with the right skillset but this number isn’t enough for a do-it-yourself operation. Partnering with a reliable IT services provider can give you expert advice and provide you with the right people and tools for your relocation.

Data Center Relocation with Ease

If you want to ensure that you are taking the right steps in your data center migration, let CentricsIT provide much-needed assistance. Our wide range of data center relocation services are designed to simplify this complex process—from site audits to evaluating your current environment to provide you with the needed logistics for packing and shipping IT equipment.

Whether you’re just moving a few racks down the block or transferring an entire data center to another city, we can help. Talk with a CentricsIT representative today.