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IT Project Management Trends to Keep Up With

IT project management is continually evolving. In an information-overloaded world, everyone has to sift through an overwhelming amount of data to find relevant information. IT project managers may find it difficult to keep up with the latest project management trends. Staying on top of the most recent IT project management trends ensures that organizations do not fall behind competitors and are maximizing project success.

IT Project Management Trends

IT project management is a vital skill in any organization. IT management should be aware of the most recent developments in project management, so they can drive continuous improvements by implementing the latest concepts and practices. Here are the latest IT project management trends.

Managing Remote Teams & Projects

More organizations are embracing remote work for multiple reasons. Employees enjoy the benefits of working remotely and organizations have access to talent from all over the world. However, managing IT projects remotely adds an additional layer of complexity. Some project management tasks, such as collaboration, project definition, and team building are more difficult when entire teams are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

IT project managers need to ensure projects have great results regardless of where their team members are located. Clear, open, and transparent communication helps to maintain projects on track. Additionally, project management software solutions are vital in enabling managers to stay on top of projects and encourage collaboration with team members involved in a project. Ultimately, managers need an efficient system that keeps track of all relevant information and data points to make better decisions around projects.

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly transforming how work is completed in various industries. IT departments are embracing artificial intelligence to improve project management processes. Organizations that implement project management artificial intelligence initiatives stand to jump ahead of their competitors.

IT teams are able to automate daily tasks by utilizing artificial intelligence. Automating grunt work gives teams the time needed to focus on more important tasks that lead to better project outcomes. Artificial intelligence gives managers more insight into their project management processes and the status of their projects, helping them make informed decisions to ensure that the project finishes on time.

Soft Skills

Hard skills are important to successful IT project management, but organizations are continuing to focus more on soft skills. Being able to successfully navigate around all of the inevitable issues that arise through the lifetime of a project is no easy task. Soft skills and emotional intelligence help project managers solve complex problems and conflicts before they derail a project.

IT departments should focus on finding talent with emotional intelligence and soft skills and encourage project managers to improve these skills over time. IT project managers need conflict resolution, negotiating, influencing, empathy, among other skills to be successful in their position. These skills will improve the long-term project success rate for any IT project management team.

Falling behind the trends leads to less efficient projects with suboptimal results. Incorporating the latest technology and practices will ensure IT projects run smoothly.