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Large enterprises often have several ongoing IT projects simultaneously, with only a handful of trusted, key personnel to oversee them. Having multi-location IT projects, even across different time zones, requires concerted effort and proper collaboration. One way to ensure that IT projects are progressing as they should—on schedule and within budget—is to use the right tools.

When it comes to IT project management, senior project managers, value-added resellers (VARs), and systems integrators have a go-to solution that provides invaluable assistance in managing complex technical projects: CentricsIQ.

What is CentricsIQ?

CentricsIQ is CentricsIT’s project management and intelligence tool, expertly-designed and purposefully-built to aid in managing all types of IT service projects: from IT field personnel deployment, IMAC, and wireless surveys, to large-scale LV cabling, device imaging, and a host of other tech projects.

It provides live updates on project status, delivery updates, service tracking, and more, on a single pane of glass. No matter where a project is taking place or in what time zone, CentricsIQ is the one tool that every PMO team needs to manage and track several projects at the same time.

Features of CentricsIQ

CentricsIQ has some key features that you would find extremely useful and would help you maximize your use of the application. These include the:

  • Dashboard – gives you a consolidated view of project data in real time and allows easy access to essential forms such as project initiation, change order requests, and escalation via quick links.
  • PC Project Summary – the intake form and centralized repository that holds all the data associated with a project; an essential tool for project managers.
  • Project Documents – a list of prebuilt project documents (including priority and decision authority matrix, project tracker, communication matrix, stakeholder registry, etc.) which are valuable for governing and managing projects.
  • Onsite Task List – a comprehensive view of the job summary, project prerequisites, and deliverables—all relevant tasks that the PMO and field engineers need to ensure are completed.
  • Intake Form – a collection of online forms that can be custom-built to centralize changes and trigger customer engagement. Some examples are project request, change order request, customer satisfaction, and other similar forms.

CentricsIQ: Taking on the Challenge of Multi-Location IT Projects

All the features mentioned above help keep IT project managers on top of their numerous tasks. This project management and reporting software can:

  • Perform organized data collection. Pieces of data sometimes have to be pulled from disparate software systems when these are not consolidated in a central repository. CentricsIQ collects the data from various systems, allowing easy access to all the needed information without the need for cumbersome integration.
  • Facilitate monitoring of changes. Project updates from different project sites can come in a fast, constant stream, making them difficult to track. CentricsIQ simplifies this process by presenting all status changes and granular project data information on a single pane of glass that’s easy to read and understand. This simplified view promotes more efficient communication as it keeps project managers, key team members, and other stakeholders updated, while reducing the need for redundant meetings and unnecessary site deployments.
  • Empower remote teams to work efficiently. Large-scale, multi-location IT projects are usually handled by different project teams, often working remotely. This setup can be rife with complex logistical challenges that may be country-specific, connectivity-related, or unique to a specific IT project. With the dynamic project intelligence that CentricsIQ brings, unexpected setbacks can be quickly identified as they occur, allowing project managers and team members to respond immediately—even while working from different locations. The capability to act on problems as soon as they occur mitigates project risks, ensures continued uptime, and increases chances for project success.

Manage Multiple Projects with CentricsIQ

The challenges of multi-site, multi-time zone projects are well known; delayed updates, lack of visibility, inadequate communication, disorganized data, and other issues all contribute to poorly-managed projects.

CentricsIQ’s powerful project management and intelligence allows organizations to manage a high volume of activity as well as effectively communicate with field engineers in real time. This timely communication helps address potential problems proactively, ensuring project completion at high industry standards.

The solution’s real-time updates, consolidated field information, customizable dashboards, and simplified imaging and reporting tools are tailor-made to promote collaboration, transparency, and accountability in large-scale enterprise projects and IT service deployments.

CentricsIQ comes with the IT Project Management expertise that CentricsIT, leading provider of end-to-end lifecycle management services, is known for. Contact us today to request a quote or a demo.