IT Recycling vs Re-Using

When your equipment gets to the end of its IT lifecycle or when a tech refresh leaves IT assets unused, organizations look for the most secure, ethical, and sustainable solution for retiring hardware while maximizing investment returns. So which is the better option for your equipment: to re-use or recycle?

IT Recycling vs Re-using

Re-Using IT Equipment

Decommissioned machines and their components can have a second life with some upgrading.

Processing IT Equipment for Re-Using Involves:

  • Authentication
  • Validating Functionality
  • Certifying the Job
  • Refurbishment
  • Data Wiping

Now just because unused IT assets no longer have a place in your data center doesn’t mean they’re garbage. Fact is, IT re-using offers the highest return on a machine’s overall value and is the greenest option.

What Can Be Done with Re-Used IT Equipment?

  • Resell it to another customer
  • Rent it to a client for a project
  • Provide employee buyback projects
  • Donate it to those who really need it

Recycling IT Equipment

For components that are true candidates for recycling, CentricsIT takes every step required to guarantee EPA compliance and environmentally responsible recycling practices. All recycling of non-hazardous materials and e-waste is performed by a certified ISO14001/R2 certified recycler.

Recycling may be the only recourse left for certain components. While this may yield only minimal gains from the value of the raw materials, it does significantly reduce emissions and limit the demand for natural resources.

Mass-based Savings:

Primary Material 500,000 KG
Greenhouse Gas Emissions 11,000,000 KG
Air Emission 42,000,000 KG
Water Emission 800,00 KG
Municipal Solid Waste 600,000 KG

IT Recycling vs Re-Using

Whether it’s IT recycling re-using, there’s no doubt that responsible IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) generates massive savings in material, energy, air emissions, and carbon emissions, making for a cleaner and greener planet.

Primary Material Savings:

  • IT Re-use:           180,000 KG
  • IT Recycling:       640,000 KG

Energy Savings:

  • IT Re-use:           54,000,000 kwh
  • IT Recycling:       19,000,000 kwh

Air Emissions Savings:

  • IT Re-use:           42,000,000 KG
  • IT Recycling:         2,000,000 KG

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings:

  • IT Re-use:           10,200,000 KG of CE
  • IT Recycling:            800,000 KG of CE

CentricsIT’s ITAD program determines the best option for your unused IT assets, then carries out recycling or disposal under environment-friendly and EPA-compliant practices. Our commitment to Green IT drives us to ensure that every usable piece of equipment is repurposed, and recycling is done by R2-certified e-waste practices at facility located at 3140 Northwoods Parkway, Suite 500, Norcross, GA .


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