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The Benefits of Certified Data Destruction

Your hardware is moving out of your data center and you need to send out for recycling and proper disposal. However, before you can get started, you need to make sure your data is securely wiped or destroyed. With companies needing their internal IT teams focused on more strategic tasks, and because they need a certificate of data destruction generated, data destruction is typically outsourced. There is a litany of available vendors to wipe your data, but certified data destruction is your best choice. Small data wiping services or drives available online just won’t cut it for a cybersecurity-forward company. You’re legally and ethically responsible for all of the confidential data on each of those drives. So why would you entrust your drives to a company that isn’t certified for [...]

Spring Clean Your IT Infrastructure

It’s spring time. You’re enjoying the change of seasons as everything around you comes to life. This might inspire you to set some new goals, tidy up your workspace, or try some new ideas. When it comes to spring cleaning, you’re inclined to look on the surface, but overlook the place that needs the most attention: your office and the old IT equipment you’ve accumulated over the years. Now is the perfect time to spring clean your IT infrastructure by evaluating what's in your data center and dusting off unused equipment that might still hold value. Keeping unused equipment locked away doesn’t help you recover value. You should not take up valuable storage space to house IT equipment for the single purpose of protecting the data it stores. Unless disks [...]

Data Erasure vs Physical Data Destruction

When it comes to retiring data-bearing devices, security must be at the forefront. Allowing unused equipment to sit in storage poses a serious threat to your organization’s security and reputation. Take control of your company’s security and eradicate all your data-bearing devices through data erasure. However, an important question arises. What method of data erasure is the best process for your business: data wipe or physical data destruction? Follow our Data Erasure vs Data Destruction Infographic below to find out!   Before an organization can answer that question, a fair market value assessment of the unused devices must be performed. A CentricsIT assessment reveals the true market value of your hardware. At its core, CentricsIT is an international IT hardware reseller. If anyone knows the true value of your IT [...]