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IT Recycling vs Re-Using: Getting the Most of Your Equipment [INFOGRAPHIC]

IT Recycling vs Re-Using When your equipment gets to the end of its IT lifecycle or when a tech refresh leaves IT assets unused, organizations look for the most secure, ethical, and sustainable solution for retiring hardware while maximizing investment returns. So which is the better option for your equipment: to re-use or recycle? Re-Using IT [...]

The Importance of IT Project Management Metrics

The Importance of IT Project Management Metrics Whether you have an internal team managing your IT projects, or you are outsourcing a third-party PMO, it’s essential to understand the crucial metrics that can define success for an IT project. What is IT Project Management? IT Project Management is the complete oversight of the efforts in planning, managing, and [...]

How to Pick the Right IT Vendor for Global Projects

How to Pick the Right IT Vendor for Global Projects The growing importance of procuring the right equipment during this technology-reliant era has put emphasis on the value of trusted vendor partnerships. After all, it’s not just about finding a reliable supplier at the onset of acquisition, but also choosing a partner to ensure the sustainability of [...]

What is the Role of an IT Project Manager?

What is the Role of an IT Project Manager? Technological innovation improves efficiency, increases productivity, and drives business growth. However, achieving success in technology projects is a rather tall order. A 2018 Project Management study revealed that IT projects are extremely difficult to manage, have the highest chances of failure, and are likely to experience cost and [...]

How To Design Your Data Center Relocation Project Plan

How To Design Your Data Center Relocation Project Plan Most businesses often start with an on-premise IT system that’s just right for their needs—at that time. With increasing technology demands and with data being a very valuable asset today, it would likely get to a point where organizations would need to relocate to another data center. Whether [...]

IT Project Management Trends to Keep Up With

IT Project Management Trends to Keep Up With IT project management is continually evolving. In an information-overloaded world, everyone has to sift through an overwhelming amount of data to find relevant information. IT project managers may find it difficult to keep up with the latest project management trends. Staying on top of the most recent IT project management [...]

Business-as-Usual (BAU) Support for Your IT Projects

Business-as-Usual (BAU) Support for Your IT Projects Toggling between Business-as-Usual (BAU) tasks and project work can be a tough balancing act, but it’s something that all organizations have to deal with. After all, while BAU work keeps the business operations running smoothly and profitably, companies who want to remain competitive and innovative, also need to work on IT [...]

Unlocking the Value of Responsible ITAD for the Enterprise

As we go further along into the technological era, proper ITAD or IT Asset Disposition should be an integral part of every organization. After all, with the growing sophistication of IT hardware and with companies allocating significant IT budgets for hardware spending, a lot of planning should also be put into the disposal of millions of metric tons [...]

Device-as-a-Service – Streamlining your EUC Needs

A couple of years ago, the Device-as-a-Service concept would have just sounded like another tech vendor’s overzealous attempt to board the -as-a-Service train. Fast forward one pandemic later, it’s increasingly looking like the perfect answer to meeting a wide range of End User Computing (EUC) needs in these uncertain times and beyond. What is Device as a Service [...]

Planning an EUC Transition (and Why You Need BAU Support)

Staying at the leading edge of your field means your end users need technology that can keep up with them. With end users working remotely, companies face new challenges maintaining business-as-usual (BAU) when planning their next EUC transition. Your global workforce needs to remain as productive as possible, and a successful EUC transition−with BAU support−makes that possible. Outlining [...]

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