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The Benefits of Custom Imaging

For organizations with limited IT funds and resources, the costs involved with setting up new PCs for employees can begin to add up. Global enterprise software spending will be around $321 billion in 2016, a 4.2 percent increase from 2015, according to research and advisory firm Gartner. One way to help manage IT costs within your organization is to deploy a custom imaging solution to provision PC systems quickly across the enterprise. Recent estimates from Gartner suggest that the cost to deploy a new employee computer can cost several hundred dollars. With custom imaging, valuable time is not taken away from internal IT teams. Instead, the time-intensive process of imaging and configuring PCs is reduced thanks to automation. When system updates or new programs need to be applied across the [...]

CentricsIT Founder Derek Odegard Presents at AFCOM Data Center World

CentricsIT founder Derek Odegard slated to present at AFCOM Data Center World IT industry veteran to aims to amplify data center value throughout the IT Lifecycle NORCROSS, Ga., September 22, 2014 ­­— CentricsIT Founder Derek Odegard is gearing up for his second presentation at AFCOM Data Center World—the premier conference for data center and facilities management professionals. The semi-annual event brings together leaders of all levels and lays out the course for data center progression as technology evolves. Odegard’s presentation, titled “Maximizing Data Center Value Throughout the IT Lifecycle,” will cover alternative solutions to extend the value of your IT assets. He will also cover cost-saving maintenance options and effective solutions for retiring end-of-life assets. The conference is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Fla. “As a data [...]

How We See IT: IBM x3650 M4

In this month's feature, we are focusing on IBM System x3650 M4. This server provides top-of-the-line performance and is designed with better scalability than other comparable-type servers. The advanced features allow for more computing power while maintaining availability and speed at reduced costs. With the IBM System x3650 M4, you can expect optimal performance. The server's reliability enables outstanding uptime; the x3650 M4 comes complete with an architecture ideal for business-critical applications. Features and Capabilities The x3650 M4 has more functionality than the average server while also being significantly cheaper compared to other servers in its class. The server supports 16 total Bays, storing up to 18 TB of information—way more than average. The M4 has 32 GB of standard memory capacity, maxing out at 768 GB. In addition to [...]

IBM x86 Lenovo Deal – Is the Uncertainty Causing You to Jump Ship?

We've all heard the phrase, "one man's loss is another man's gain." It seems to be ringing true when it comes to the big news surrounding the IBM x86 sale to Lenovo. HP and Dell are pouncing on all of the stragglers the uncertainty is creating for IBM partners and customers. That's the way business works; when someone else trips, capitalize by being better. Comfort is where the majority goes; there's less of a risk. This is exactly why Dell and HP's profits have started to grow. The last thing you want to do as a business is come off as unreliable. This is an immediate red flag to customers on every level, and conducting business after giving off signs that there's instability is like pushing your clientele, one-by-one, off [...]

How We See IT: Dell PowerEdge R820

The Dell PowerEdge R820 is a high-performance server created for dense virtualization and scalability for database applications. It is a 4-socket, 2U rack server, and is a leading performer at running an extensive list of applications and virtualizing environments for enterprises large and small. The Dell PowerEdge is designed with concentrated power to enhance the application capacity in the data center. This is done by expanding your virtual environment by using the PowerEdge's memory footprint and I/O options, as well as using its processing power and flexible fabric choices. Features and Capabilities The Dell PowerEdge R820 features an Intel® Xeon® processor from the E5-4600 product family. There is up to 3 TB of memory available and 16 TB of internal storage. It is compliant with IPMI 2.0 and operates with [...]

FAQ: IBM Sells x86 Server Business to Lenovo

IBM sells its x86 server line to Lenovo - how does this affect you? As of January 23rd 2014, Lenovo has been in the process of buying the x86 server lines manufactured by IBM. The deal has been an endeavor of negotiating terms and services, and this will continue throughout the following months with plans to finalize and close by the end of this year. The purchase price agreed upon is approximately $2 billion. Lenovo will pay a portion of $2 billion in cash to IBM and paying the remaining $300 million in Lenovo stock The transition from IBM to Lenovo was initiated by the belief that Lenovo has the strengths in scalability, operational efficiency, and presence to propel IBM's x86 servers to a greater realm of success. Lenovo will be [...]

CentricsIT Named to Solution Provider 500 for Sixth Consecutive Year

CentricsIT named to Solution Provider 500 for sixth consecutive year Push toward comprehensive services solutions sustains place among North America's top technology integrators NORCROSS, Ga., June 9, 2014 ­­— The Computer Reseller Network (CRN) released the 2014 Solution Provider 500 (SP500) list on June 9, listing CentricsIT among North America's top technology integrators for the sixth consecutive year. The list ranks the top revenue-generating technology integrators in the U.S. and Canada whose forward-thinking approach to the channel has helped them evolve and thrive in today's services-driven IT era. CentricsIT leadership believes its push toward a more services-oriented portfolio has greatly contributed to the company's continued growth through the evolution of today's data center requirements. Where hardware availability and competitive pricing were once the ultimate value add, the ability to provide [...]

Keep It Green On Earth Day: Recycling Devices With CentricsIT

The technology boom of the late 20th century created a worldwide transition for consumers. Computers, cell phones, video games — all of these started as groundbreaking ideas that quickly turned into necessities. But the evolution of tech has left an abundance of outdated equipment in its wake. New innovations quickly become obscure and replaced. Technological advancements are remarkable and have changed the way people interact globally. The most important part of the transition, however, is not having the latest upgrade, but understanding how to properly recycle the electronic graveyards that have accumulated in the homes and businesses of millions. In countless technologies including servers, smart phones, hybrid cars, and flat-screen TVs, a number of rare, energy-critical elements are used to help supply the hearts of today's electronics. Most important of [...]

How We See IT: IBM Power 750 Express Server

Your Needs: Performance Security Innovation How We See IT: Dell PowerEdge VRTX The IBM Power 750 Express Server is the kind of system that can do everything. It is always up and running applications, and—best of all—it fits into your budget. This server delivers secure computing capabilities and energy-efficient virtualization that makes it one of the best servers for application consolidation or transaction processing. The IBM Power 750 Express Server delivers leadership POWER7+ performance, security, and innovative technologies to your business. Performance The IBM Power 750 Express Server will set the standard in performance with the POWER7+ processor. The new POWER7+ processor includes a larger L3 cache, two built-in accelerators, active memory expansion hardware accelerator, and the AIX cryptographic accelerator. The L3 cache increased to 10 MB per core, which [...]