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What to Look for When Choosing a Vendor on the Secondary Market

Looking to buy on the secondary market for the first time can seem intimidating. When buying from the OEM, you know exactly what you’re getting. You know how the whole process works, and even if you don’t, someone is more than happy to tell you. Quality is ensured by the name of the manufacturer, and you are ensured that [...]

Commonly Asked Questions About Buying on the Secondary Market

Buying hardware on the secondary market can seem intimidating. It can be difficult to find the solution you need or even to know if that solution exists. Finding where to start can be a task unto itself. Knowing the right questions to ask when researching businesses you can trust and the types of equipment you need saves time [...]

Benefits of Purchasing Used Hardware in a Volatile Economy

Experts continue to debate whether the United States is heading toward a recession, leaving IT departments wondering if they will have the budget for the projects that need to happen. Since “Doing more with less” has become something of an unofficial slogan of IT departments everywhere, there isn’t as much leeway as they would like to prepare for [...]

Solving Supply Chain Delays with HaaS in the Data Center

As long lead times continue to be the norm, Hardware-as-a-Service may be the solution your business is looking for. Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a simple and cost-effective way to procure equipment without the long lead times. As the name implies, HaaS is similar to leasing or licensing. The hardware in question belongs to a managed service provider (MSP) and [...]

10 Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned IT Hardware

10 Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned IT Hardware Whether your business is just starting out or already thriving, utilizing a channel alternative approach to IT procurement could save your company money—40–70% in fact, according to Gartner. Many organizations that have turned to the secondary market out of necessity are seeing the benefits of working with independent distributors. Here [...]

How Long Will the Chip Shortage Last?

The global chip shortage continues, and in this highly-digitized world where chips help power essentially everything—from cars to IT devices, to everyday appliances, and even toothbrushes, no industry has remained unscathed from the adverse impact of the chip shortage crisis. Tiny Chips, Huge Crisis According to a Semiconductor Supply Chain report released by the US Department of Commerce in [...]

WD’s 6.5-Exabyte Mishap: How to Face the Fallout

WD’s 6.5-Exabyte Mishap: How to Face the Fallout The contamination accident in a Western Digital partner’s facility last month, which resulted in a massive 6.5-exabyte loss, is expected to trigger a price hike in flash SSD products. Sadly, this isn’t the only problem businesses are running into in the IT hardware supply chain: raw material shortages, lengthened [...]

Avoiding Hardware Surcharges Amidst Increasing OEM Lead Times

Avoiding Hardware Surcharges Amidst Increasing OEM Lead Times IT global supply chains are currently experiencing one of the most prolonged and widespread disruptions in recent history. And, as if increasing OEM lead times weren’t causing enough trouble already, businesses are now also getting hit with hardware surcharges. Is there any end in sight for all this madness? [...]

Juniper EOSL Deadlines in 2021

Juniper EOSL Deadlines in 2021 Businesses that are using Juniper networking hardware (e.g. broadband services routers, WLAN access points, services gateways, etc.) need to be aware that several Juniper EOSL deadlines have either recently expired or are due to expire in 2021. This is something you need to be concerned about because this means Juniper will no longer [...]

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