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Keep It Green On Earth Day: Recycling Devices With CentricsIT

The technology boom of the late 20th century created a worldwide transition for consumers. Computers, cell phones, video games — all of these started as groundbreaking ideas that quickly turned into necessities. But the evolution of tech has left an abundance of outdated equipment in its wake. New innovations quickly become obscure and replaced. Technological advancements are remarkable and have changed the way people interact globally. The most important part of the transition, however, is not having the latest upgrade, but understanding how to properly recycle the electronic graveyards that have accumulated in the homes and businesses of millions. In countless technologies including servers, smart phones, hybrid cars, and flat-screen TVs, a number of rare, energy-critical elements are used to help supply the hearts of today's electronics. Most important of [...]

Earth Day E-Waste Infographic

When disposing of unused or expired electronics, be sure to keep the Earth in mind and remain educated on how improper disposal can have an incredibly hazardous effect on the environment. We've created an infographic to increase awareness of how yesterday's electronics can become today's problem. Check out our Earth Day E-Waste Infographic below!   E-Waste is Growing Electronic waste is the fastest growing source of waste in North America. It comprises 2% of all trash and 70% of all toxic waste. By 2017, the volume of discarded e-products worldwide is expected to be 33% higher than in 2012 and weigh the equivalent of eight of the Great Pyramids of Giza! 142,000 computers are thrown away every day E-Waste is Harmful Lead and other harmful materials found in electronic waste [...]