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More Locations, More Problems

Our clients operating out of multiple locations face a unique set of challenges. There are logistical challenges associated with large-scale IT projects across locations—whether it’s two or 20 data centers—especially when it comes to managing OEM maintenance contracts on equipment slated for decommissioning. You don’t want coverage to lapse, but you also don’t want to renew contracts for devices that won’t need support in a matter of months.

It’s difficult enough to judge how long a single cloud migration will take at one location, for example. But a cloud migration across multiple data centers simultaneously can quickly become a logistical nightmare. The same can be said for decoms, mergers, and acquisitions—ensuring your hardware remains under support without wasting money can be a very real challenge.

You might currently have several maintenance contracts in various stages of expiration. Depending on your OEM, those contracts are more than likely renew on a yearly basis at minimum. The sad truth is that, even if you have fully decommissioned a particular subset of your hardware, your OEM will not refund your maintenance fees for that subset. Once you commit to that year, you are locked in to paying for the duration of the contract, even if the equipment has long been recycled.

Any large project—cloud migrations, M&As, or decoms—do not happen all at once, no matter how large your onsite workforce is. Especially when there are thousands of locations to standardize, projects take time and occur in segments and stages.

These delays during any large IT project—especially one across many physical locations—inevitably leaves some of your hardware running for indefinite amounts of time as the units wait to be moved or are queued for decommissioning.

What if, during that time, an important piece of hardware fails? You will want someone to arrive on your typical SLA to troubleshoot and repair the equipment to keep your merger or migration rolling. However, if your OEM contract has already expired, then you’re out of luck, and—as we mentioned above—you certainly do not want to re-up for another year when your migration may only last for another few months.

We decided that a choice between no support and too much support doesn’t make sense, so we built a support option to match.

A Smarter Choice: Choose Flexibility for Your Multi-Location IT Support

When your company is in flux, CentricsIT can be flexible with you, and we can provide multi-location IT support.

Rather than lock you into multi-year contracts, CentricsIT offers flexible third-party hardware maintenance contracts that can be adapted to each of your location’s requirements and keep your entire organization under support as needed. Our global network of highly-experienced engineers and technicians will come alongside your existing workforce and provide pay-as-you-go support until the project is completed companywide.

With more than 170 local depots globally—and growing—we’re well-positioned to support your business, whether you have only a few locations or hundreds across the globe.

Additionally, if during the migration process you find that you need swing equipment at certain locations, CentricsIT will lease you the necessary hardware and provide you with setup, maintenance, and removal services.

When your company is in critical stages of transition, you need partners who are willing to bend and flex with you. So, instead of dealing with the rigidity of OEM contracts, consider CentricsIT instead.