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If you’re considering making a switch to hybrid or public cloud, phasing out your on-premise legacy equipment, transferring your data, and maintaining your security protocols loom in front of you. Decommissioning your hardware is no small task. You could hire various external vendors to get the job done, albeit in fits and spurts, but there is a smarter cloud migration strategy.

We previously discussed how partnering with an ITAD services provider can address your hardware recycling and data wiping challenges, especially on a large, global scale. When you choose the right partner, it’s also possible for a single vendor to address any hardware maintenance and support needs related to your cloud migration strategy as well.

For Your Cloud Migration Strategy, You’ll Probably Need Contract Flexibility

It can be difficult to judge how long a cloud migration will take. Meanwhile, you have any number of support contracts that are in various states of expiration—the last thing you want to do is get locked into more annual contracts for hardware that may only be needed for a few more months. What if you could just pay for what you needed. for only as long as you needed it?

Moving in Stages: The Nature of the Beast

Migrations of any reasonable size cannot happen all at once.

Realistically, a transition to cloud happens in stages. But this ultimately leaves some of your hardware running for an indefinite amount of time. What if something breaks while you’re in the transition process? You’ll want someone there on your typical SLA to replace it, so that you don’t lose momentum during the migration. If your OEM contract has expired, you’re out of luck; but to maintain the contract, you might have to renew for a year or more at a minimum. Whether you own or lease the hardware, idling tech and contracts that extend beyond the life of decommissioned equipment waste your money.

Yes, this segmented cloud movement is the nature of the beast, but you certainly shouldn’t introduce more inefficiency for your company during this time.

Comprehensive services providers like CentricsIT bring pay-as-you-go out of the cloud to help you more easily transition into the cloud.

TPM Bridges the Gaps through Flexible Maintenance and Equipment

Third-party maintenance offers flexible contracts to suit your expected needs and easily adapt to unavoidable changes along the way.

Our maintenance engineers will keep you on track, and once you have accomplished the move to cloud, then we will immediately remove the hardware and hand it off to our ITAD specialists to take over the subsequent decommissioning. This is a huge value point for global companies looking for a single vendor to help manage the entire migration process from start to finish.

When your company is in such a critical stage of flux, you need partners who will be flexible along with you. There is no need to re-up those annual contracts you’ve always had. When you partner with CentricsIT, you only pay for our services and equipment for as long as you need them. It’s as simple as that.

Third-Party Maintenance Offers You Flexibility When No OEM Can

Contact one of our support specialists to start your journey to the cloud on the right foot.

Let us help you from the ground up. We can take the pain out of your migration. You’ll stay online, hold to your SLAs, protect critical enterprise data from end-to-end, and we’ll even help you maximize your budget and resources.