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Have an upcoming merger to execute or an acquisition that you’ve been asked to prepare for? Either way, both initiatives are exciting steps forward for your company, but they also spell a great deal of work for your IT team. A mergers and acquisitions IT integration is an overwhelming process, and it can be hard to know where to begin.

Resources Audit: Where Do You Need to Fill in the Gaps?

Mergers and acquisitions of any kind are both challenging and complex, and they require manpower. But no company has a fully staffed “merger” IT team ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. In fact, many corporations rely on just a handful of individuals for the entirety of their normal, day-to-day IT operations—which is already a full-time job in and of itself. But add in an M&A, and you have quickly maxed out your workforce.

Luckily for your payroll, specialized services companies can help you fill in the gaps without requiring you to hire an entirely new IT team. Our highly skilled engineers will offer you end-to-end lift and shift services that are efficient and integrate directly with your teams on the ground.

Step One – Analyze: Review, Recoup, Recycle

To ensure we have the full story, you should assess your data center infrastructure at all locations related to the merger or acquisition. As we discussed in our Cloud Decom and Migration Support blogs, we can help you audit your existing hardware to determine which assets to keep for continued use and which are no longer needed.

For hardware that you deem unnecessary to future operations—but still has resale value—CentricsIT will help recoup that value through secondary market resale. You can then use these recaptured funds to reduce the financial impact of the mergers and acquisitions IT integration.

Any remaining equipment that has no resale value will then be completely recycled. We will manage the logistics of removing the decommissioned hardware and disposing it through the proper recycling channels, keeping your data secure and maintaining your environmental requirements.

Step Two – Migrate: Consolidation with No Interruption of Service

Once we’ve completed the audits and marked which assets will be resold or recycled on both sides, CentricsIT will then begin the lift and shift work.

To keep your business up and running smoothly during the physical move, CentricsIT offers pay-as-you-go maintenance and hardware contracts. You will only be charged for the time that you use the equipment—we won’t require a year-long contract when you only need the hardware for a few months. And if you need extra hardware temporarily, we can provide any swing hardware that you need at the beginning of the integration process and then remove it once it is no longer needed. Furthermore, we’ll manage all of the logistics.

Finally, once it’s time for the big move, our highly skilled engineers will come and shut down your old data centers, inventory and palletize your hardware, and securely transport the equipment to the new location. We will work closely together with your IT team to quickly and efficiently get your now-merged systems back online.

Contact Us Before You Start Lifting and Shifting

M&A’s don’t have to be as overwhelming as they first appear. CentricsIT has the manpower and expertise to make this transition as effective and profitable as possible for your company. Contact us today to start your mergers and acquisitions IT integration off right.