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Do you have more than one main location for your business? If so, then you face several related challenges supporting the IT needs of your workforce. Even if you only have one or two additional sites, you face a unique set of problems that only come when you have a business with multiple locations. These same problems manifest whether you have three locations or a hundred.

Obviously, the scope of your challenges grows depending on your size, but the more locations you have, the more difficult it will be to find and manage local technical talent to support the IT needs of your business.

Growth Brings Growing Pains.

The introduction of reliable internet networks has enabled companies to branch out further and work more efficiently from remote locations. However, the internet can do little for the physical issues of hardware maintenance and local network and storage management.

Simply put, with expansion comes growing pains that require onsite solutions.

How Do You Manage the IT Coverage for Multi-Location Companies?

With your infrastructure spread—in some cases—across the globe, it helps to find maintenance and management solutions locally for each one of your locations. The same goes for onsite engineering resources and expertise. But that’s easier said than done.

You could hire full-time engineers and specialized technicians for each location to ensure you have capable hands that are ready to go at a moment’s notice. But your data center requirements don’t typically call for the type expertise these engineers carry on a full-time basis.

Alternatively, you could just hire one team of highly experienced techs and fly them to whichever data center that needs them at a given time, but that gets expensive fast–not to mention the human cost of having them on the road 24/7. Plus, you can’t guarantee that only one data center at a time will need help.

So, what can you do to find a more sustainable solution to your global, multi-location service needs?

A Smarter Way to Address Your Global IT Needs.

For the past twenty years or so, you probably grew accustomed to keeping highly specialized engineers on staff, but the recent industry shift toward generalization has reduced the typical in-house IT workforce significantly. You have most likely trimmed down your IT team to just the essentials, which is great for the budget, but once you need to execute a project across dozens of locations, you realize the truth: you are hopelessly understaffed for this type of project. Not only that, your generalist engineers lack the specific knowledge for more specialized roll outs. So what do you do on such a large scale?

CentricsIT offers comprehensive and affordable professional IT services across the globe. If you lack the expertise or simply the brute force, we will send our highly capable engineers and technicians to work alongside your team—no matter how many locations you have, no matter where they are—to get the job done right.

Because of our extensive global network of technical resources, we can hand-select the very best local engineers for your specific needs, across all your locations simultaneously. In a few hours, you will have a team of highly qualified engineers at your data center doorsteps, ready and fully capable of troubleshooting and fixing any IT issues. Whether you need us for just an hour, half a day, or several weeks at a time, you will only be charged for what you need, when you need it, where you need it.

We Become an Extension of Your Team.

In this series on multi-location companies, CentricsIT will further explain how to take advantage of our extensive global network of engineers, project managers, and IT gurus. No matter where you are across the globe, we can deploy at a moment’s notice and quickly become an extension of your own team.

In IT, there can be strength in numbers, but you should only pay for those numbers when and where you need them.

Develop your own multi-location team through CentricsIT Professional Services. Contact us to go local the smart way.