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In our last post on this topic, we discussed the challenges that multi-location companies face when they want to make company-wide roll-outs or have consistent project management across data centers. Major overhaul projects can become a logistical challenge, especially if you have hundreds of locations to standardize.

One prime example of a common project that’s nearly impossible to standardize across multiple locations is assessing and augmenting Wireless Network Access.

Simplifying Wi-Fi Network Design: Standardizing the Invisible

Wi-Fi is hard. Too often, the deployment of new APs differs greatly in practice from what you initially draw up. The only way to solve this is to have people physically at the deployment site. And they need to understand wireless.

This becomes infinitely more complex when you deploy to dozens of locations.

If you have a remote location that is too far away from your VAR for that provider to easily install the new hardware you just purchased, then CentricsIT can deploy a hand-selected Wi-Fi team to provide onsite analysis and final installation to complete the project. As soon as the hardware arrives on your multiple doorsteps, we will be there in force to begin the setup, installation, and coverage analysis review.

Making Hard Work More Efficient

Depending on the size of your specific locations, you will have varying amounts of hardware to unbox, set up, and boot up. So, you need a flexible team to set up each AP and analyze the coverage. Leveraging our global network of technicians, we deploy an appropriately sized team to get your new wireless system online as quickly as possible. This is ideal for corporate locations that need to get started quickly or need to make a smooth wireless service transition without disrupting workflow.

Understanding the Architecture

You also need teams that are well acquainted with the behavior of radio waves in physical spaces.

Before your hardware arrives, CentricsIT will assign wireless experts to come onsite and analyze the physical layout of the warehouses or office buildings. By physically walking the floor and studying original blueprints, our experts will then decide on the most strategic placement for routers and access points. We can do this entirely independently, or as a real-world check of what you’ve designed with your wireless VAR. For instance, if a wall has steel reinforcements, or an internal bathroom is causing an interference of signal, our onsite experts will troubleshoot with your remote team to eliminate dead spots.

We will optimize equipment placement to ensure peak performance from your wireless hardware, eliminating wasted resources and radio frequency competition.

Seeking Efficiency in All Things

CentricsIT will analyze each site carefully so that you only use the hardware that you need. In some cases, we may find that you only need to use 47 access points rather than the 50 that your VAR initially recommended. This reduces redundancy and frequency overlap, and it also puts a little bit of money back in your budget. Inversely, if we find that you do not have the adequate hardware to cover your location, we can work with your existing VAR to add new APs or supplement your existing equipment with our refurbished stock.

Either way, CentricsIT provides you with an efficient and economical solution to your Wi-Fi needs at every one of your locations around the world.