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As the IT manager of a multi-location company, you are no stranger to “doing more with less.” So why haven’t you explored global on-demand field engineering services?

With an ever-tightening budget, you must staff each of your global sites, maintain all physical and virtual environments, and somehow deliver on the latest projects requested by upper management. You need to establish a more sustainable IT labor framework to maintain production and meet your goals over the next decade—without overspending or running your workforce ragged.

The Gradients of IT Labor

Full-Time, In-House

Theoretically, you could have every IT expert you conceivably needed in-house, duplicated across all locations. While this would ensure immediate, hands-on expertise for every downtime crisis, maintenance endeavor, and project initiative, it would also mean millions of dollars in yearly salaries.

Alternatively, you could fully staff your main headquarters with a broad gamut of engineering talent and operate additional sites on much leaner IT teams. In this instance, you would fly your headquarter experts to the necessary locations for as-needed maintenance and projects. But this methodology would inevitably:

  • Necessitate complicated logistics
  • Limit the number of projects you can complete simultaneously
  • Cost an exorbitant amount in travel expenses

You’d be hard pressed to find a CFO to approve either of these staffing solutions.

Regionally Outsourced

You can leverage contingent IT labor to fill in your IT gaps as-needed, but most vendors only have the infrastructure to offer regional support. To simply cover the basic needs at each of your locations, you would need to contract with (numerous) disparate IT support vendors across the globe. This piecemeal coverage model introduces:

  • Vendor sprawl
  • Compounded marginal costs
  • Inconsistent SLAs
  • Complicated vendor communication
  • Difficult engineering vetting and oversight

Although more economical than the first, this support option still has the potential to cause more issues than it solves.

Globally Outsourced

A single-vendor, scalable solution sounds ideal, but it can be difficult to find as there are very few companies who facilitate full lifecycle IT support at a global scale (and even if they do, they usually demand strategic control of your IT). Before you contract with a company that claims to have the international bandwidth you need, you should determine whether they can deliver on their promises:

  • Do they actually have a global on-demand field engineering services footprint?
  • Do they have the bandwidth to provide the granular, on-demand services you need at all sites?
  • How do they vet their engineering talent?
  • Are they offering fair pricing?
  • Do they require you to hand over strategic control?
  • What systems and processes are they using to maintain a high-quality standard of work?

If the company isn’t willing to be transparent in these areas, then you should continue searching.

How CentricsIT Delivers a New Experience in Global On-Demand Field Engineering Services

We’ve been in the IT support business for years, and because we appreciate transparency, we welcome our clients directly into our processes and invite them to stay up to date with real-time reporting through our portal.

Because of our extensive years in the industry providing TPM and ITAD services to an increasingly large pool of clients around the world, we have steadily built up our global bandwidth and industry reputation. Our extensive network of international partners as well as our local pools of certified L1-L3 engineers allow us to offer full IT lifecycle support solutions at a global scale.

This pre-established framework for CentricsIT On-Demand Field Services provides the resources necessary for our comprehensive, yet scalable, support models for Deskside and Data Center:

  • Break/Fix Hardware
  • Break/Fix Application/OS
  • IMAC
  • Operations
  • Dispatch
  • Recurring Services

On-Demand Field Services is a single vendor solution with one monthly bill and only one relationship to manage. We scale to your needs, conform to your ITSM processes, and provide full accountability at every venture through our client-focused SLAs, industry-level expertise, and consistent price points.

Need a global engineering solution that meets your IT needs and simplifies your staffing challenges? Contact a CentricsIT expert today.