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Three Smart Options for IT Leaders During the 2021 Global Microchip Shortage

Three Smart Options for IT Leaders During the 2021 Global Microchip Shortage A perfect storm of global pandemic, trade wars, and natural disasters has put a critical strain on semiconductor supply chains, resulting in a worldwide microchip shortage that is impacting everything from automobile manufacturing to video game console sales. IT supply chains are already impacted, with lead [...]

Evaluating Global On-Demand Field Engineering Services

As the IT manager of a multi-location company, you are no stranger to “doing more with less.” So why haven't you explored global on-demand field engineering services? With an ever-tightening budget, you must staff each of your global sites, maintain all physical and virtual environments, and somehow deliver on the latest projects requested by upper management. You need [...]

Engineer Vetting Times Are Changing: One Size Does Not Fit All

The days of “jack of all trades” has come to an end within the IT operational services space. The high degree of fragmentation and complexity makes it near impossible for one resource to be able to do all things IT, making engineer vetting challenging. In addition to evaluating technical capabilities, an individual’s fit for the environment can overshadow [...]

The Value of On Demand Field Engineering Services

This post was contributed by CentricsIT Global Services Executive Don Pettingill and Account Executive Evan Arison. Pettingill and Arison work from the CentricsIT office in Charlotte, NC (USA). Technology organizations continuously struggle with the short term incremental needs of their incident and request management service offerings.  The challenge to deliver high quality consistent outcomes continues to increase in difficulty [...]

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