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2013 is wrapping up! Have you thought about your IT resolutions for the new year? Here are some ways CentricsIT can set you on the right track for your IT needs in 2014.

Save Money On Maintenance New Year’s IT Resolutions

OEM support models focus on selling instead of maintenance. They want to charge a ton of money to maintain older equipment in order to bully you into upgrading to newer machines. Make 2014 the year you break free from your OEM contracts and enjoy the freedom of working with a third-party maintenance provider like CentricsIT.

Earn Your Money Back

Keeping unused equipment stored in a closet collecting dust isn’t helpful for anyone. Precious storage space shouldn’t be used to house machines solely for the purpose of protecting the data they store. Your unused equipment could have significant value on the secondary market so why let money sit in a corner to gather dust? Receive the highest possible return on your IT investments with IT asset disposition services from CentricsIT.

Hire An IT Superstar

IT staffing decisions are vital whether you choose contract-to-permanent, permanent or staff augmentation (temporary). The Centrics Group can help you establish the best way to fill open positions in order to enhance productivity, maximize your profitability and bring your business superior IT solutions.

Lower Your Energy Consumption

Optimizing your servers can reduce energy costs. No matter the size of your company, if you deploy a data center, you are largely contributing to the eco-footprint. It is common for IT assets to devour 25% or more of your company’s electricity. With a GreenIT plan, we can help you plan appropriately, provide the equipment you need for your restructuring, and properly dispose of and recycle your old equipment!

Here’s to a great 2014! Have a happy new year and be sure to remember CentricsIT for all your IT resolution needs!