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How We See IT: Dell PowerEdge VRTX

When it comes to servers, networking and storage, not every business has the space to host massive machines. However, Dell’s Enterprise strategy to deliver converged infrastructure solutions for customers became a reality with the Dell PowerEdge VRTX. This shared infrastructure platform is ideal for small businesses or remote offices that need to have integrated servers, storage and networking capabilities while optimizing limited space.

Space Saving Design

In a single compact tower chassis, the Dell PowerEdge VRTX offers impressive performance and capability without the sound that usually accompanies traditional units. The platform can include up to 768 GB into the 42 DIMM slots inside the M620 if needed. Due to its small size, many customers in retail, financial services and healthcare services have adopted it. It’s now gaining popularity the education and manufacturing markets.


The Dell PowerEdge VRTX decreases hardware complexity and improves IT efficiency. It not only provides the tools to operate efficiently, but handles performance spikes and business growth with ease. One of the best features of the VRTX is the Series-8 shared PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC), which enables the sharing of storage among all blades in the chassis. Along with the storage benefits, the Dell VRTX offers integrated networking, flexible I/O and versatile systems management.

Cost and Performance Value

Despite Dell PowerEdge VRTX’s size, it does not compromise on scalable performance. It will deliver fast application response times, power through peak processing periods, and produce excellent performance with outstanding flexibility. Along with its performance, the VRTX is able to run off standard power (100V-240V), which saves customers the cost of rewiring for high power lines typically needed for other servers and storage devices. The value and convenience the Dell PowerEdge VRTX offers makes it the best option for small/mid-size businesses and branch offices.

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