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Modern companies have the unique challenge of using wi-fi connectivity to create a network of their widely-dispersed employees around the world. Employees expect fast, reliable internet connection on their work computers, work phones, and personal phones from wherever they’re working.

What Are We Dealing with?

Improving Wi-Fi connectivity for a distributed workforce is complicated by the sheer variety of devices available to users. To serve “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) companies, IT service providers need to equip their teams with the knowledge to troubleshoot any device. Finding and training new experts is a time-consuming and costly endeavor further complicated by the rapid changes in the tech industry. Infrastructure vendors that supply and support Wi-Fi connectivity are now playing a frantic game of catch-up as they react to frequent changes in the marketplace.

Despite these challenges, users demand more. They expect reliable access to Wi-Fi wherever they’re working, and they expect the speed and quality to match the bandwidth they have when plugged in directly.

Is Anything Working Yet?

Vendors have been working to find a sustainable solution for BYOD-friendly companies, but have struggled to satisfy demands. Cisco Meraki’s cloud controlled Wi-Fi is a force within the education industry, where demand is relatively predictable and consistent, but might not work for a high-end enterprise. Its automatic updates have resulted in unexpected outages. While Cisco Meraki may be the industry titan of the future, it currently requires more development before using cloud-managed controller-less deployments.

There’s also the need  to increase bandwidth at the WAN level and increase the performance of Wireless connections. AC wireless theoretically provides up to 1.3 GHz per device, but many of the backhaul solutions currently in place don’t support that kind of throughput. Thankfully, there’s Etherchannel, a portmanteau coined by tech gurus that refers to increasing bandwidth by bonding individual ethernet channels. By combining WAN performance and improving backhaul, companies can increase efficacy.

Providing Peace of Mind

No matter where you are in the process, CentricsIT can help tailor the infrastructure to your unique business needs.

We start by diagnosing the extent to which your mobile workforce relies on Wi-Fi connectivity and identifying their pain points. Because there isn’t just one fix, we also help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option, including redundancy, reliability, uptime, and security. We speak candidly about the pros and cons during these diagnoses because we understand that maintaining an efficient network is a significant competitive advantage for your organization. And when you’re ready to move forward, we can externally manage your infrastructure.

The benefit to you is twofold: peace of mind and the freedom to pursue your core business. Let industry experts manage your Wi-Fi connectivity. We keep a close eye on your network and  constantly survey the tech landscape for new and better solutions to apply to your business. CentricsIT will install and manage the Wi-Fi connectivity for your distributed workforce so you can continue to focus on what your business does best.

Want to increase the reliability and speed of your mobile workforce’s Wi-Fi network? Transform your Wi-Fi connectivity from “It depends” to “It’s done.”