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The IT industry has seen a dramatic rise in the adoption of cloud architecture. Even if your company is in the midst of a large-scale migration, you still have a need for on-premise hardware. Whether it be for legacy software or for critical data processing and storage, physical architecture (in varying capacities) will be a necessity for the foreseeable future.

But cloud migrations aren’t cheap, and neither is that OEM hardware maintenance contract you’re over-paying for.

You need to start cutting costs.

The x86 Server Maintenance Debacle

If your x86 servers are still under the umbrella of their original OEM hardware support warranty, then, admittedly, that maintenance contract has most likely served your company well. At least for the first few years.

Manufacturers often offer you a “complimentary” service bundle with the initial purchase of their units: a warranty that lasts for the first several years of the hardware’s lifecycle. However, once these warranties run out—or your x86 servers reach EOL—the price of that next maintenance bill will increase dramatically. After a few years of charging you this inflated price, your OEM will eventually encourage you to stop maintaining the existing units and will push you to purchase the newest iterations of x86 servers—even if your current servers work well and you don’t have a business reason to upgrade.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t lend well to cutting costs.

Gartner suggests third party maintenance (TPM) as a consistent, cost-efficient alternative to the inflated prices of OEM maintenance offerings.

Third party maintenance is your answer.

Real Budgetary Relief

Because we have a global market on refurbished hardware, CentricsIT maintains in-house inventories that rival (and oftentimes surpass) that of an OEM. Moreover, our global network of strategic partners enables us to purchase refurbished stock anywhere around the world, ensuring that we get the very best deal on the parts that our clients need.

Contrary to what OEMs would have you believe, the price of hardware like the x86 servers actually trends downward over time, not upward. CentricsIT fundamentally disagrees with this long-standing manipulation of the market, and that’s why we decided to go in the opposite direction of the traditional OEM support model.

When we save, so do our clients.

And we’re not talking about pocket change. When you contract with CentricsIT, we save you an average of 40-70% Off the original OEM list price.  

The Highest Quality of Service

We don’t just save you money; we also go above and beyond the industry-standard SLAs. Our SmartHands engineers won’t just deliver the same level of service that you are accustomed to; they’ll surpass it.

Sure, it’s a bold claim. But we back it up because we architect our SLAs to be more favorable for our clients.

Your OEM offers basic SLA numbers like 24x7x4 and 11x5xNBD, etc. CentricsIT offers the same SLAs, but our “4s” are radically different. Up until now, you have been used to a 24x7x4 model that promises 24-hour Customer Support availability, 7 days a week, with an assurance that an OEM technician will call you back within four hours.

Conversely, our CentricsIT 24x7x4 model promises the same level of availability, but we don’t simply call you back within that 4-hour window. Instead, we will have a licensed technician with part in hand at your data center doorstep within those 4 hours (no matter where you operate, thanks to our global reach).

We don’t waste your time on the phone. The sooner you have capable hands on the data center floor, the faster your servers are back up and running.

Don’t Settle for Slow and Expensive

The OEMs are playing a game. We believe that the market should regulate costs for x86 server maintenance, not an OEM monopoly. And we built a solution to give you back control of your maintenance budget.

It’s time to leverage third party maintenance.

Need some help managing those maintenance costs for your x86 servers and other hardware?

Contact a CentricsIT Support Specialist to customize your TPM contract for immediate savings.