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Effective asset tracking and discovery is a vital part of maintaining efficient business operations. You improve your bottom line when you have a better understanding of your assets and expenses. Asset tracking, however, is a complex process that becomes all the more challenging when you need to keep track of equipment and materials across multiple global offices.

If you want to stay on top of your assets, you’ll need to understand the challenges that global asset tracking presents. Below, we’ll discuss why asset tracking can be difficult for companies working globally, and how to make the process easier so that you can reap the benefits of effective asset tracking and discovery.

Your Asset Tracking and Discovery May Be Hurting You

Many companies just don’t pay as much attention to their asset tracking as they should. In fact, most of the companies that we work with come to us with ineffective asset tracking methods and inaccurate inventory, which can cause a lot of issues in the long run and have a direct negative impact on their bottom lines.

One of the greatest challenges of global asset tracking is that it can be difficult for agents to locate all of the company’s assets within the various locations. Any machines or equipment that are powered down or offline might appear to be missing, which can lead to inaccurate inventory and wasted value.

Not knowing what or how many assets you have working for you can lead to significant unnecessary expenses. Your company could be paying for maintenance on equipment that’s been decommissioned or incurring per-device costs for licensing on assets that are missing or no longer used. We also see companies not getting the vital service they need on equipment because it is not included on any support lists.

All of this waste can be avoided.

Businesses need to be more diligent about their asset tracking in order to improve the accuracy of asset lists. Tracking global assets isn’t easy, but partnering with a company that has the resources to effectively keep track of your machinery and equipment can make all the difference.

Make Tracking Assets Easier Across the Globe

CentricsIT has the resources to make tracking and discovering global assets easier. When you partner with us for global asset tracking, you’re working directly with just one company to track all of your global assets. We make the process painless, no matter how many global sites or offices you may have.

We start by dispatching engineers to fully audit your facility to determine which devices are in each of your locations. This includes any devices or assets that are currently in place and being used in production, and those that have been decommissioned but still exist in the facility. We also provide asset tagging, which can help you track your assets into the IT asset disposition (ITAD) process.

We then take the output of this audit and review it with your IT teams for accuracy as well as provide ITAD recommendations for each item that we find. With this information, your company can better understand the current status of your assets and work to determine any outstanding needs for decommissioning or for procuring new devices or equipment.

We also install agents, if necessary, and input this information into your ITAM tool of choice. Alternatively, you can set up an account with us to help you track the assets using tools that we provide. Either way, knowing the status of all your equipment will help you put your resources to better use while reducing any unnecessary costs.

Do You Know What You Have Out There?

Asset tracking and discovery can be difficult, especially when you have offices across the globe. At CentricsIT, we do the heavy lifting to make staying on top of your assets easy.

Keeping track of all of your international assets is complex problem. Contact us today to simplify your global asset tracking process.