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Rolling out a new location? Whether it’s another branch for a retail store, a new hotel, or an additional hospital wing, one of the first things you need to install and optimize—after the physical space itself is complete, of course— is a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure.

And planning for wi-fi deployment should start even before the building is complete.

New Facility Burnout

When you roll out a new facility, you have a number of concerns to address and fires to put out in the planning stages alone— and one of the important considerations is your future wireless network. After all, with over 51% of the world’s population already on the internet, you know that operational Wi-Fi is vital for the success of your company. It must be done (and done well) before you can even start moving the most fundamental operations elements into the space.

New facilities have many moving pieces. Wouldn’t you love to be able to strike wireless from your remaining to-do list?

Make Complicated Wi-Fi Deployments Simple

CentricsIT understands the logistical chaos and resource drain that a new facility can be. Because we specialize in IT deployments and optimization, however, we can easily offer a solution that immediately takes the Wi-Fi burden off your team. You have enough on your plate.

Let us do what we do best.

For a turnkey wireless solution, contact us as soon as you begin planning for the opening of your new facility. Our Wi-Fi experts will help you project manage the technology deployment from start to finish; we even consider your other facilities and vendor preferences to make it compatible.

Before the hardware arrives, our CentricsIT SmartHands technicians deploy to the facility to walk the grounds and compare the blueprints to the physical architecture. We pre-determine AP placement to facilitate the most robust signal across the facility, taking into account the internal structure’s building materials. All other conceivable pre-configuration measures are completed at this stage to maximize speed to delivery.

Once the hardware shipment arrives at your facilities, our SmartHands technicians deploy once again—with AP placement documentation in hand—to un-box, rack, and stack the units. From our initial walkthrough and diagnostics, we already know exactly where each node and access point should be placed. After installation, our technicians walk the facility once again, but this time with laptops and tablets equipped with real-time wireless analysis tools and heat mapping technology to determine overall strength of signal and to pinpoint the wireless competition. According to the new data, we make final adjustments by fine-tuning AP placement and configuration.

In all, our SmartHands technicians will have your wireless systems installed and optimized within a 24-hour window; we leave your once-empty facility fully equipped with wireless capabilities. And we don’t just offer turnkey solutions for the front-end of your wireless deployment. After the initial install, our maintenance policies cover any support or troubleshooting tickets you may have, and our client-focused SLAs guarantee that a certified technician will be at your facility doorstep, part in-hand, within four hours of your call.

Lighten Your Load and Still Deploy the Best

CentricsIT creates solutions in response to industry needs. Your new facility rollout is draining enough of your resources. Let CentricsIT step in and provide a turnkey wireless solution to eliminate dead zones and ensure that you have enough bandwidth to support all your new hires and their devices.