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Between contract negotiations, budget management, record-keeping, and contract renewals, there is always something to do (and improve). You’re under constant pressure to do more with less; to achieve not only baseline productivity, but to far exceed it—all with an ever-shrinking operating margin for the teams you oversee. Once you sign the many contracts needed to support your global operations, however, your job is still far from over. Now you must keep up with them all.

More Vendors Mean More Problems

When it comes to contract renewals, you’re expected to know the re-up schedule. When a line of hardware hits EOL, you’re the one who’s tasked with figuring out which supports that hardware. And if your company is international, then you’re faced with the even more difficult task of having to manage the vast number of vendors necessary for global operations.

You also know that no two vendors are alike. Each brings with it its own unique price points, regulations, and preferred communication. You not only juggle contracts, you must keep track of the many relationships your company forges with each one. Moreover, many vendors do not have the ability to provide comprehensive international services, so you must find regional support for specific company locations to provide global, standardized services. And with each contract, the new vendor charges a percentage for profit margin in addition to standard billing. These fees, when compounded by the number of vendors your company needs to operate internationally, can painfully restrict your IT budget.

But your company relies on these vendors to operate and meet your clients’ needs, so you pay the premiums. And you waste valuable time on the logistical nightmares of the day-to-day.

It’s effectively a losing game—unless you consolidate.

Game Changer: Consolidate Vendors to a Single Vendor with Global Reach

A single vendor with a global network of strategic partners, like CentricsIT, can cut down on the complications and the overhead by providing you with comprehensive IT vendor consolidation services. By contracting with a single service provider, you can rid yourself of the expensive inefficiency of that long list of disparate vendors.

The right single vendor solution can answer any of your IT needs:

Once you consolidate your company’s IT services under comprehensive support, you will only have one point of contact for all your global needs. That long list of contracts, renewals dates, bartering techniques, and relational quirks will be combined down to a more manageable number: ONE. This single contract—and the dependability of only having one vendor relationship—will intrinsically grant consistency to your expenses, streamline communication, and simplify documentation.

Not only that, because you’re no longer paying each vendor’s profit margin, you’ll see significant savings. When a vendor is asked to support a single data center, they must charge more to make a reasonable profit on the contract. When you bundle all your locations’ service requirements, the “bulk service” logic applies, and your single vendor should be able to provide you with the same level of service at a much lower price point than any of your former vendors combined.

Reinstate Savings and Efficiency with CentricsIT

Your job, first and foremost, is to provide support for your company’s global locations and to save money where you can. Keeping exponentially large numbers of disparate vendors is doing little to achieve either of those goals. Rather than fight the logistics and pay for redundant profit margins, streamline your procurement and management initiatives with one vendor that can manage it all.

Your CFO will thank you.

Have too many vendors? Contact one of our Solutions Architects to begin simplifying your complex list of IT support vendors.