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Consolidating IT Services Vendors to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

How Effectively Consolidating IT Services Vendors Impact the Business When most IT leaders talk about vendor sprawl, they are typically referring to their applications—particularly in their cybersecurity programs. But an often-overlooked business challenge is the impact of vendor sprawl on the IT services needs of an organization. Whether it’s maintenance, asset disposition, field services, or IT projects—especially for global, multi-location companies—there are almost always “too many cooks in the kitchen.” That's why top companies have started consolidating IT services vendors to improve efficiency in the data center and beyond. Managing multiple service contracts creates stress for teams, especially when there is turnover among the people in charge of these vendor relationships. It’s common to find assets covered under maintenance contracts from multiple providers, for example, wasting valuable budget. It’s also [...]

New Year, New IT Budget—Spend Wisely

A new year means a new IT budget. You could spend time that you don’t have re-structuring your operations, tweaking your networks, cost-cutting infrastructure, and generally cutting corners—all for small percentage savings with no real guarantee. There’s lower-hanging fruit for cost-optimization. Rather than expend exorbitant time and effort, you could take more logical and efficient measures that don’t deplete your in-house resources and allow you to see more immediate results. Here's how to start the year off on the right foot and get some quick wins. Make Immediate Room in Your IT Budget Consider the following alternatives to how you currently leverage and maintain your virtual and physical infrastructure. Third-Party Maintenance OEM hardware support increases significantly in cost after EOL is announced. And this seeming monopoly often pressures you to [...]

New Year’s Resolution: Consolidate Vendors

This New Year’s, make a resolution to reduce overhead, simplify logistics, and optimize your workflow: Consolidate vendors. Relying on a multitude of vendors is counterintuitive to efficiency in processes, communication, OPEX, and site-to-site standardization. Not only might you have separate vendors for various aspects of your operations, you might even have five, ten, or more vendors to support your different lines of hardware. With that many vendors to manage, your lean IT team might not know who to contact when your servers start to fail or even when your contracts are due for renewal. Resolve to Stop Falling Behind Without knowing your maintenance contact renewal dates—or vendor contacts—it’s almost impossible to know whether your support has lapsed. Meaning, if your hardware starts failing, your OEM could charge you exorbitant fees to [...]

Regain Control of IT Spend with Vendor Consolidation

Having too many vendors leads to inefficiency. Like too much IT spend. Too many profit margins to cover. Too many points of contact. And too many projects that are out of your control. It's time to regain control of IT spend and the rest of your IT operations with vendor consolidation. If you’re operating internationally, then your vendor sprawl can become much worse. With exponential vendors comes exponential logistical and financial burdens, including: Overly complicated vendor communication Extensive project management errors and inconsistencies Unnecessary service redundancy and overhead Unstandardized protocols and support methodologies Outsourcing your IT tasks is a necessity in this age of leaner IT teams and more generalized engineering talent. But outsourcing, fundamentally, is supposed to relieve pressure on your in-house teams, not add more strain. If your [...]

Benefits of Global Vendor Consolidation: A Real-World Application

Are you managing multiple IT infrastructure maintenance contracts across many different vendors? You’re not alone. Many companies are in the same position, finding it difficult to navigate their many contracts and what each addresses when it comes to their assets. It can be particularly challenging for organizations to manage contract expirations and renewals without a dedicated contract manager. These challenges lead many organizations to seek help with vendor management. Partnering with an organization like CentricsIT that provides global vendor consolidation enables your company to save time and money. This also eliminates the hassle of navigating relationships and contracts with multiple different vendors, each with their own point of contact. The Problem with Too Many Vendors It’s not uncommon for companies to accrue several different maintenance support contracts from different vendors [...]

Consolidate Vendors for Your Global Procurement Team

Between contract negotiations, budget management, record-keeping, and contract renewals, there is always something to do (and improve). You’re under constant pressure to do more with less; to achieve not only baseline productivity, but to far exceed it—all with an ever-shrinking operating margin for the teams you oversee. Once you sign the many contracts needed to support your global operations, however, your job is still far from over. Now you must keep up with them all. More Vendors Mean More Problems When it comes to contract renewals, you’re expected to know the re-up schedule. When a line of hardware hits EOL, you’re the one who’s tasked with figuring out which supports that hardware. And if your company is international, then you’re faced with the even more difficult task of having to [...]