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OEM vs. Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Provider Post COVID

The post-COVID environment has created new problems for IT departments as well as worsened existing ones. Between the chip shortage and pandemic-related business setbacks, IT maintenance has become more important than ever. Third-party maintenance (TPM) might be what your IT department needs to stretch its budget without sacrificing quality. But how does TPM stand up to maintenance provided [...]

Third Party IT Maintenance and Your IT Asset Disposition Strategy

You need a reliable framework to maximize the value of your IT assets over time. From planning to acquisition – deployment to disposal, proper IT lifecycle management makes this possible. A solid IT asset disposition (ITAD) strategy is a crucial component of any IT lifecycle management strategy, but there is one area that is often overlooked in a typical [...]

Technology Court: OEMs vs Third Party IT Maintenance

All rise, the court is now in session. OEM or third-party IT maintenance? When considering how to best support the hardware in your data center, there are many things to consider, one of the most important being: who will support your equipment? The Case for OEM Maintenance Most companies that buy new equipment also purchase OEM maintenance agreements. [...]

Running The Bases of Third-Party Maintenance: How To Hit A Home Run Switching from OEM to Third-Party Support

If you're reading this, chances are you're considering Third-Party IT Maintenance. Good. You're considering the winning team. We, of course, could go on all day about the benefits of switching from OEM to Third-Party support: increased service levels, lower costs, less contracts to manage, better customer service, etc. But you're past that point—you're ready to make the switch, but [...]

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