What are EMC Asset Recovery Services?

The EMC asset recovery process is a secure and efficient way to retire unused EMC assets and gain maximum return in the data center. Eventually, you will need to retire and recover unused EMC assets because it is an inevitable step in the IT life cycle.

By keeping unused EMC equipment locked away in a closet collecting dust, your company is losing valuable storage space. But what if that equipment is housing data that needs protection? To truly secure your EMC hard drives, their hard drives need to be properly secured and erased.

By partnering with a certified electronics recycler and IT asset disposition service provider, you can ensure your retired IT equipment never contributes to this global environmental epidemic.
So how do you manage your EMC assets?

A typical ITAD project begins with a comprehensive audit to identify the assets designated for disposition and facilitate proper asset management. Our team of manufacturer-specific product experts then provides fair-market appraisals on all decommissioned components to help your team evaluate the most effective options for maximizing value.


EMC Asset Management Services

FAQs About the ITAD Process for EMC Asset Recovery

Data erasure (or clearing/wiping) is a software-based process that completely overwrites the hard drive with random zeroes and ones, effectively obscuring any residual data left on the device under several layers of meaningless binary. Data destruction is the physical process of making a hard drive unusable for conventional equipment.

Depending on your specific hardware, compliance, and budgetary limitations, you will need to decide whether to have your data sanitized on-site or off-site.  As with any decision, both sides will have pros and cons.

Mom-and-pop shops will offer “e-cycling” services at a bargain price, especially within smaller markets. If they cannot offer you legal documentation—or if they don’t have the proper ISO or R2 certifications to guarantee your hardware’s proper recycling and disposal—you will face the legal ramifications if your servers end up tossed in a landfill or left to gather dust in an abandoned warehouse.

Punching requires hand-drills or drill presses to punch holes into the drives to make them unreadable (although, plausibly, if not done correctly, data could still be gleaned from the drive). While this method is more effective with spinning disks, it is not as effective with solid state drives (SSDs).

Shredding machines are similar to paper shredders, but they are built to accommodate more resilient materials. The machine’s powerful, rotating teeth completely destroy the drive, leaving no possibility for drive or data reassembly. This method is ideal for all types of hard drives but remains especially important for SSDs to ensure the destruction of each onboard memory chip.

Flexible and Customizable EMC Recovery Services

  • Regular EMC Pick Ups

  • EMC Disk Retention (STUDD)

  • EMC Disk and Tape Shredding

  • EMC Asset Appraisal

  • EMC Disk Erasure

  • Secure EMC Equipment Removal

  • Inventory Audits

  • Consignment Programs

  • Equipment Recycling

  • Employee Buyback Programs

Count on CentricsIT for Certified Secure EMC Asset Recovery Services

CentricsIT helps companies located anywhere in the world of all sizes choose a secure and efficient way for EMC Asset Recovery Services in order to gain maximum return in the data center.

When you approach CentricsIT with any EMC asset recovery project, we first determine which option is best for your business. We can deploy advanced disk sanitization methods to erase your data to HIPAA and Department of Defense NISPOM standards or use disk destruction devices to obliterate your hard disks entirely with data erasure.

Regardless of the procedure you prefer, CentricsIT will provide you with a Certificate of Erasure or Destruction, backed up by our data security guarantee. All of our IT recycling practices meet or exceed EPA standards, and our data center expertise translates directly to our processes, which are among the most efficient in our industry.

The CentricsIT facilities located at 3140 Northwoods Parkway, Suites 500 and 700, Norcross, GA have been independently audited and confirmed as being in conformity with R2v3, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 in respect to the scope of environmental management, data destruction, resale, recycle and quality management.

Our certifications reflect upon our commitment to quality, and our reliable services help companies increase productivity and reduce costs by minimizing wasted resources and procedural errors.

Why CentricsIT for EMC Asset Recovery Services?

Onsite Data Erasure and Destruction Services

Onsite Data Erasure and Destruction Services

If your security protocols call for onsite destruction, we deploy a mobile disk shredder or advanced data erasure technology to your location.  Our team of ITAD professionals will safely and permanently wipe or destroy your retired disks. We provide a Certificate of Destruction for all services, and our e-waste is handled according to R2/RIOS specifications.

Secure Equipment Removal

Secure Equipment Removal

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the way we handle your assets at every stage of the disposition process. Once your data is destroyed and your equipment is ready for remarketing or recycling, or if the project calls for offsite data destruction, our chain-of-custody logistics services ensure the highest levels of security during equipment removal and transport.

Strategic Value Recovery Options

Strategic Value Recovery Options

Our dedicated product specialists will help you identify which of your IT assets have value on the secondary market, and we’ll often augment your equipment with our own inventory to further increase its value.  We offer flexible remarketing options to help our clients gain ROI, including direct purchase, revenue sharing programs, and credit toward future CentricsIT orders

Certified Green Disposal Methods

Certified Green Disposal Methods

We ensure every usable or remarketable piece of equipment is repurposed. For components that are true candidates for recycling, CentricsIT takes every step required to guarantee responsible recycling practices. All recycling of non-hazardous materials and e-waste is performed according to all R2/RIOS and ISO14001 specifications.

IT Asset Disposition Success Stories

“It’s always nice to get more than what you want AND save money!

“We discussed with our CentricsIT rep exactly what we needed, and they came back to us with more than we initially were looking at buying and saved us over 60%. We were amazed!”– IT Manager, Large Southeast Manufacturing Company

“CentricsIT stood out immediately because of their pricing. They blew the other companies out of the water. Furthermore, their customer service and attention to detail was fantastic. Our rep is available to us 24/7. You could even say that he’s an extension of our IT team.”

IT Director, Global Company in Software Vertical

“Price was definitely the biggest factor, but I have to say that I am always impressed with how quickly I get a response when requesting a quote from CentricsIT. With CentricsIT, I usually get a quote back within 30 minutes or at the very least, by end of business day. That’s a great way to do business.”

Enterprise Network Engineer, Global Company in Healthcare Industry

Our IT Support and Maintenance Philosophy Advantage

Once you hand your equipment over for disposition, CentricsIT handles the entire process from beginning to end. Our certified engineers perform an audit and thorough inspection of the equipment you are retiring and provide you with a detailed report. If your goal is to consign your equipment through our revenue sharing program, manufacturer-specific market experts will evaluate the current value of each asset and provide you with a detailed appraisal.

As your equipment sells, our expert logistics team hand packs each shipment using specially designed packaging to provide maximum protection during transport. Our logistics teams also handles customs globally— meaning your assets can be sold and shipped anywhere in the world. We’ll report monthly with the status of your assets and updated revenue information.

For components that are true candidates for recycling, CentricsIT takes every step needed to guarantee EPA-compliance and environmentally responsible disposal practices. Whether your company is large, mid-size, or small, if you deploy a data center, you are greatly contributing to the eco-footprint with e-waste. It is common for IT assets to consume 25% or more of your company’s electricity. If you are moving forward with a GreenIT plan, we can help you plan accordingly, provide the equipment you need for your restructuring, and properly dispose of and recycle your old equipment. Additionally, CentricsIT will provide you with a Certificate of Erasure or Destruction, backed by our data security guarantee.

Stop letting money sit in a corner gathering dust. Contact CentricsIT today for a free, no obligation quote to understand your options and uncover the benefits of certified green recycling and hidden value in your data center.

Your Data Security is Our Priority.

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