CentricsIT provides a computer software services company with a personalized suite of equipment relocation and data destruction services with minimal downtime.


Our client was closing its Paris, France branch, and in order to keep IT operations uninterrupted, all critical IT assets needed to be relocated to their Germany location (closest company facility). Additionally, the company possessed a variety of legacy IT equipment that had collected over years of decommission efforts. They were on a very tight deadline to make the move and safely dispose of the equipment. Without enough local resources to assist in the consolidation and physical move, the organization sought a partner that could help them complete the job with minimal downtime.


In Phase 1 of the project, our client needed to audit all systems and parts, power down machines, and un-rack, palletize, pack, and ship them across the border to Germany then re-rack and stack, cable, and power them back on so they could access their network as quickly as possible. All of this had to take place within 48 hours. In Phase 2, they needed to pack and palletize all remaining IT assets at the Paris location that were designed for recycle, perform data destruction services on all hard drives, provide certificates of data destruction, and deliver the materials to a WEEE-certified recycler.

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