CentricsIT partners with an asset management firm to lower its data center maintenance costs by 40%.


Our client invests in and acquires out-of-favor sectors or regions where capital is scarce, using its global network of operating businesses, partners, and employees. Its spread is extensive. However, as beneficial as global reach may be for the company, it also spells complexity and adversity for its IT infrastructure. Simply put, the organization has incredibly large and intricate IT needs that span multiple business units—business units that must be able to operate independently from one another, no matter their global locations.


Our client wanted to streamline its vendors and find one solution provider to handle its multiple needs: from staff augmentation, to mass Microsoft Office 365 deployments, to data center hardware maintenance—just to name a few. In short, the company “needed it all.” And they needed it everywhere.

One of the company’s top priorities was generating cost savings in its data centers while improving its maintenance services. The organization’s team sought a vendor that was both a Level 1 call center and a global onsite engineer dispatcher for hardware troubleshooting and repairs. Furthermore, when full-time, W2 company engineers were on extensive sick leave or vacation, its internal team needed a better solution for PTO backfill.

In addition to its maintenance and support needs, the company required on-demand capabilities for new time-sensitive projects. Our client wanted the ability to submit pre-scoping documents directly to its preferred vendor, have a quote sent back promptly, and begin the project as soon as possible. For example, with a Microsoft Office 356 rollout to accomplish, the organization needed an after-hours team of technicians to come onsite and install the software on all its machines overnight. To avoid any disruption of workflow, it was essential that the software to be ready to use on a “next-day” timeframe.

With such a broad spectrum of issues and requests, the company had difficulty finding one solution provider that could handle its various service requests. Our client’s team sought trusted recommendations, and another satisfied CentricsIT customer sent them our way.

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Download the case study to learn how CentricsIT customized and quickly built a solution for each of the company’s global business units. Because of our project management proficiency and dedication to providing service excellence, the organization is now able to get more done, in less time, with less internal resources—all at a cost savings.

The CentricsIT third-party maintenance plan also helped our client lower its data center maintenance costs by 40%.