CentricsIT helps a multi-billion dollar mass media entertainment company remove and decommission assets while ensuring maximum ROI.


This mass media entertainment company had only 2 months to shut down and re-haul its IT operations in Columbus, Ohio. There were approximately 1,250 machines in the data center that needed to be un-racked, audited, palletized, and transported to a facility for staging, testing, data destruction, resale, and/or recycling. The strict time frame to perform these tasks required a great deal of manpower and dedication. There was a significant amount of value within the data center that the company was looking to recoup, but finding a reliable source to perform services while providing ROI on these assets was a challenge.


In addition to removal of equipment from the site, the company wanted a solution that would provide a substantial ROI for them. CentricsIT had to commit before end of 2014 to ensure no equipment would remain onsite; otherwise there would have been a significant charge for remaining past term. The company also needed a solution that would house all of the equipment in a secure facility for the interim phase before the material was decommissioned, destroyed, or recycled.

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The ROI that came out of the process greatly benefitted the company, making CentricsIT the no- fail choice in the end.