CentricsIT provides a consumer goods company expert analysis on millions of decomissioned assets.


A consumer goods organization had millions of assets that had been decommissioned all around the world and was unaware there was great value in these ghost centers. The company needed to find a single point of contact to step in and analyze the value of these assets. The company also needed assistance in managing logistics and warehouse products along with eventual data destruction, decommissioning, and remarketing of its IT assets.


Before granting CentricsIT access to global locations, the company gave the CentricsIT team access to two of the data centers located in Atlanta, Georgia as a test run. This would enable the client to assess how CentricsIT handled the tasks at hand and go from there.

Because of the success from the trial data centers, the organization granted CentricsIT accessibility to additional data centers in Trumble, Connecticut.

“CentricsIT enabled us to remove unnecessary steps in our decommission process. They “streamlined” the on-site requirements of ours and completed data destruction, fair market value assessment, and equipment removal all in one visit. We have recouped hundreds of thousands of dollars in remarketed proceeds as a result.”


Download Full Case Study

Download the case study to learn how CentricsIT helped the company generate almost $1 million in sales from remarketing, warehousing, reporting, and auditing all of the decomissioned assets. This freed up significant space, supplied a single point-of-contact for all jobs, and provided the client with a reliable resource for future asset disposition jobs.